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Society,  especially all this politically correct shit, is so screwed up.  

That insurgent would not hesitate to kill your child or blow up your local shopping mall. 

Marines are the first on the ground and the last to leave. These poor souls see and have to do things no person should have to.

All these bleeding hearts forget that we are fighting an ENEMY.   And  none of these politically correct people would have the balls to defend their country.  

Maybe I am too old school, but I was always led to believe that people kill each other when at war. 

How anyone can want this man in prison for serving his country and defending our freedoms baffles me. 

Especially,  with what has already happened in France and England.  

I fear that Canada is soon to discover what these goat rapers are capable of.  

We should just nuke them and get on with the next war. Because there shall always be a “next” war. It’s in our human nature to be aggressive towards anyone who is not like us. 

Free this poor soul – he never should have been locked up to begin with.



The last thing any Muslim extremists should see.