I am an ass. Many already know this. I am an ass with opinions. The biggest reason I am an ass is my total lack of realizing how I succumbed to the media frenzy and coffee shop banter regarding the global refugee crisis. So, simply put, I do not believe ALL Muslims are barbaric pedophile... Continue Reading →



​Happy Easter to all my fellow Canadians of the Christian Faith and a Happy Passover to all my Jewish friends. For everyone else, all I can say is, "RUN GOAT, RUN!!!!!!" YES I am a wee bit racist against whoever these rich, gold adorned, driving new cars while stealing out of the food bank ;... Continue Reading →

Trudeau is punishing our brave troops and rewarding the Muslims

​So, Trudeau will and is rewarding the refugees  with better living conditions then our own elderly and disabled,  but he is robbing our brave troops!!!!! And where are the protesters now??? Where are the "activists"????? TIME FOR ALL OF US TO SPEAK UP!!!! NEVER MIND "BLACK LIVES MATTER" OR "YUPPIES AGAINST PEANUT BUTTER" OR THE... Continue Reading →

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