​The tension and hatred building in Canada and the Western world is NOT about "RACE". It's about "CULTURE". Canada has people of every race and we all lived as 'Canadians' .......... until now. The influx of Islamic radicals and schemers and Trudeau bowing to them is destroying the core values of our once beautiful nation.... Continue Reading →


I Am Still An Ass

In a previous blog I confessed to being an ass regarding my disgust and hatred towards Muslims and Islamic's.  As I stated in the piece, I do not feel hatred towards ALL people of the Islamic faiths. I DO hate the extremists, the refugees who have arterial motives and those who willing choose to live... Continue Reading →


I am dumbfounded by my fellow Canadians and how they will not band together to get these Liberal traitorous Islamic sympathizers out of office. We Canadians are famous for our passive attitudes. Unfortunately,  it will be our downfall.  In my fifty-nine years and seven months of living, I have never been so ashamed of our... Continue Reading →


​I am so SICK of people saying we are racists because we speak out against the violence and "demands" these fracking ungrateful refugees are doing.  HOW CAN MUSLIMS SAY THAT THEY ARE PRACTISING A "RELIGION" WHEN THEIR "RELIGION" DICTATES THAT THEY SHOULD NOT RECOGNIZE OTHER RELIGIONS, MURDER THE "INFIDELS" AND THEIR "RELIGION" IS PRACTISING "POLITICS"?... Continue Reading →

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