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As I sit here on this sunny Sunday gazing out at my beloved Scarborough – that East Side slab of the Greater Toronto Area, I ponder. 

The GTA is famous for having as many trees as people. 

Below is a few pictures of the average view from any point in this marvelous city within a city.

As you can see, it’s a concrete jungle with a  green laced frock.

People  forget to look around at times. 

Walking their paths with their mind on their money and money on their mind. 

Heads forcibly bent down waiting for the next electronic message.

Blinded by the hustle and bustle of modern day survival. 

Prisoners of busy lifestyle and the constant worry of “How will I make it till cheque day”.

This saddens me. 

I am a victim, also. Many days I sit on the balcony oblivious to the trees, the birds and even the squirrels dancing to and fro.

Do the others hear the constant wail of sirens? I do. Each one bothers me as I am prejudiced into automatically believing,  “There was another shooting.”

And that is very sad, to instinctively think such.

I often try not to think so, but when you see the gang task force police vehicles racing ahead of the ambulances to block off the intersections so as the victim can possibly  get to the trauma centre in time, well, you realize trees are deceiving. 

I wish we had more trees so maybe my heart wouldn’t ache as much.

But, we do not and even if we did, I would still know the truth.

I have below a prime example of the attitude of many. 

I made this photo after seeing a t-shirt with the saying upon it. 

Unfortunately,  this is the attitude of many who would rather use humour to mask reality.
Sick or “dark” humour seems to have become the most common day coping mechanism.

What agitated me to no end is how the gangs are growing. How more and more are appearing. 

Used to be safe for me to send my fourteen year old son out at night to the store in the plaza across the street.

I do not do that anymore.  Even though the whole city knows “He is the son of Unkz”.

I go myself because even though I walk through the valley of danger, I fear no evil for I walk with Yahuwah and I have no fear of that I helped create. 

As soon as the Sun sets the plaza becomes Little Syria. The parking lot fills with fancy “Fast & Furious” knock-off cars. The noise levels rise and the punks gather.

It is a very heavy load to bear knowing that my decades of bad life choices assisted in adding to the gangs goals and the shadowy meanderings thusly wrought. 

I, and my acquaintances, were/are what hides behind the trees.

But, I hide no more. I now sit above the trees and gaze down, with tears in my eyes, at what society has become.

We all know that soon our Sodom and Gomorrah lifestyles are going to be cleansed.

Not by man and his violence.

It shall be Mother Nature or Yahuah or The Cosmic Muffin or whomever you believe your creator to be.

It will not be the “End of the Earth”. It shall be “The End of Days” – “The Supper of the Lambs”.

It will be when ONCE AGAIN the human population will be dealt a mighty blow and technology will fail.

And as has happened many times over many millennia,  society will return to the basics of living off the land and depending on each other.

A time for healing. A time for reflections. A time for appreciation of the gifts YAHUSHA has allowed us.

And the beautiful trees will then hide our “PRIDE” not our “SHAME”.


Until then, I remain, Dann – just as I am. 

A modern day Natsarim – a LightHouse beacon for all to see The Light.



“What is wrong with people?”

“What is happening to society?”

I ask these questions constantly, for I just do not comprehend what is taking place in our world.

We have been raising youth for at least two generations who seem to think they are owed everything and should not have to work for it.


It is a very disheartening state of affairs when hurting someone’s feelings takes precedent over what is the proper and “right” action to take.

The modern day train of thought is unreal.

There shall never be a Utopian society in our so-called ‘modern‘ world. Mankind is still too infantile to get past our genetically instilled want for superiority over each other.

Our ‘religious‘ misconception that the ‘church’ is always right and all political parties are always ‘corrupt‘.

Let us take a peak at, say, the Art of Catholicism ….. 

The Catholic (and most Protestant) Holy Bible states the Ten Commandments and various other rules of life within its bindings.

This Decalogue states;

Honour thy mother and father“.

Oh, oh, we blew that.  

Modern parents find little honour from their offspring. Most are very disrespectful and cannot take “NO” for an answer.

Look around Western society and see how youth speak and, on occasion, physically abuse their parents. 

The majority of youth think parenting is a slavery based occupation of which the child makes demands and the parents are fully to blame for any wrong doing or crisis.

Worship only God

Which “GOD“? 

Some Hindu’s will say there is only one god with 320 million forms, but certainly enough believe in this total that they would exceed your 100,000 limit and therefore the total would be over 320,000,000 gods

And this is just but one of the are roughly 4,200 religions in the world.

So, you tell me? 

Google has many answers ranging from 1 to hundreds of thousands.

Hence my belief in ‘FAITH‘ over ‘RELIGION”.

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Personally I am NATSARIM. A ‘Watchman” and “Lighthouse Keeper”.

“You shall not make idols”

Yet, almost every house of worship has statues of sort for the ‘Followers’ to approach and bend their knee. 

At least the Islamic followers have no false image for their croons to worship. Possibly due to not wanting us to know what a rapist pedophile actually looks like. 

I never understood why my Catholic family worship and pray to Jesus crucified. Should they not pray directly to their version of God? Not to a statue of his son?

Here’s one that makes me chuckle ……

You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain

Holy fracking mother of God – what in the name of fracking Christ were we all thinking? God damn!!!!

Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy

“Black Sabbath”? Ozzy Osbourne even admits they were just a band. 

Many would keep it holy if they did not have to go to work so they could go to the bar on their way home.

Oh, oh. This one must be wrong …….

Thy shall not commit murder

Unless in the name of faith or if you are just peeved and wish to hurt someone.

You shall not commit adultery

Unless you are really aroused and your spouse is no where to be seen.

You shall not steal

Laughing my arse off about this one. Not even going to comment concerning this.

Do not bear false witness against thy neighbour

Unless you can call the Tips Hotline and get a reward. Or you just feel like lying.

You shall not covet

All righty then. I will not. That is unless I really want it and YOU have it.

I will take it for granted that you understand my train of thoughts and therefore will not get into tearing apart the beliefs of all the other “Holy” manuscripts.

Especially the recently made famous “Qur’an“. It being such a sensible tablet of how to live a proper life – after your nine year old slave bride helps you murder all non-believers and such.

I am, that’s who.

So now, let us take a look around us …….

Racial disparity is spreading worldwide. 

Hatred is the “IN” thing this year.

Canada has a leader (I believe we do) that was elected for having nice hair, no political experience, a past history of dancing with the enemy and promises of legalizing drugs for teenagers and adults alike.

The United States has a leader who has decided enough is enough. 

Unfortunately, he may or may not be approaching his ideology from a wrong perspective. 

Even though I will gladly trade our leader for theirs and I will throw in a gallon of Maple syrup, a large poutine, five pounds of fantastic Ontario pork for your fork and an extra large Tim Horton’s coffee.

The United Kingdom – well – ummmmm – does not seem to “united” at this time.

Russia, Bless them, has Putin. A leader I personally admire as much as my Canadian poutine. ‘Good strong Russian boy“.

Israel is not doing so well but as soon as they murder all the Palestinians they should be “good to go“.  

North Korea could definitely benefit from allowing its citizens to watch television and surf the internet. Might change things for the better.

Guam should duck and hide – – – just in case.

China is doing ok with its “follow the leader” mentality. How does your egg roll?

Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Iraq, Iran and surrounding empires are doing absolutely fantastic as far as time travel goes. They have managed to teleport back to 500B.C. 

I do not mean B.C. as in British Columbia. I mean B.C. as in visiting Fred Flintstone at his home.

Now that I have peeved off most of you, I shall talk about my once beautiful Canada.

Sometimes up to fifty percent of my fellow eligible voters actually leave Tim Horton’s and vote. But, not every election. For if we all voted we might have a better leader.

Our leader is purposely opening our borders to every single person no one else wants. They simply have to break our LAWS and walk into our country. If they cannot walk in our beloved government will fly them here. 

Heck, we will not even check you via vetting to see if you are coming to kill us or use our land to stage an attack on our allies.

If my fellow countrymen do not like that – well – being a democracy – they can all shut the heck up or go to jail.


Without trying to sound like a warmonger or naysayer, I have to admit that I believe whole heartedly the “Supper of the Lambs” has begun. And dessert is going to be a bitter treat for many.

I am not saying that the end of the Earth is coming.


I am saying that very soon “society” as we know it shall soon receive a well placed kick in the proverbial testicles and will have to be reset.

All these “GODS” are going to press “Control, Alt, Delete” and a downgrade to a previous version of mankind will be started in “safe mode”.


Until then, I shall remain, Dann – just as I am, Natsarim, Obeying Yahuwah

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Working my Salvation with fear and trembling in Yahusha


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(Men Going Their Own Way)


​This verse says what I believe about Catholicism – religion is manmade, spirituality is from the soul and I have chosen the path of NATSARIM  …….

” Amen, Amen, Amen

Take me to church

I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies

I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife

Offer me that deathless death

Good God, let me give you my life”

(Songwriters: Andrew Hozier Byrne

Take Me to Church lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC)