Why I Write

Many ask me why l write. I write my books for me. I tell my stories for my readers. I am not sure if my works are badly written good stories or well written bad stories. Not too sure I care either way. I do care that, in my "Walk With Dann Collection", I am... Continue Reading →



How any true Canadian can even think of defending ANYTHING the Liberals are doing or already have done baffles me. Selling Canada by the pound to the enemies.   I am ashamed at my fellow countrymen for sitting on their asses and allowing this schizophrenic undercover Islamic sympathizer to change our values and ways just... Continue Reading →


I will be fifty nine years old on October the fifth this year. Five point nine decades of intermingling with all of you. My early childhood was during the remnants of the 1950's.  Johnny Cash, James Dean, muscle cars and drive-in restaurants.  A time when society was changing from the gospel,  blue grass and country... Continue Reading →

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