The Original Hippie or Perhaps, “Has Anyone Seen My Prophet? “

This blog I originally published 10 years ago.

My views and beliefs are still somewhat the same.

Since what I have been through in the last three months my Faith has grown much stronger.

What I am trying to convey here is that how do we identify a “prophet”?

A false prophet is easily discovered, but how in today’s society would we be able to recognize a true prophet. For all we know we may have the real one locked up in an institution with the numerous false ones.

Or he/her cold be hiding their identity until society learns to stop killing each other in the name of “religion”.

I truly believe that Jesus existed and was somehow able to communicate with the Creator. I believe he was very intelligent and far ahead of his time .

You have to keep in mind that in his time ninety percent of man were uneducated, illiterate and still worshipping false idols.

Could a charismatic, educated man be capable of influencing followers? Hell, yes most certainly.

Jesus could have been an alien or the last brilliant mind to come from Atlantis for all we really know.

Why we’re the first 14 books of the Bible removed by “religious” leaders of the day?

There is a great difference between being a religious follower and a true believer of faith.

All the “Holy Books” of that time had to be written in simple language form so as the average citizen could understand the messages.

Our genetic need to be the best and only one who knows what is truth has misconstrued what Jesus was sent to teach us.

But, we murdered him because, firstly, he was right and secondly, he was far too charismatic and thereby a threat to all religions .

So, here we had this poor soul traveling the world trying to enlighten society on the ten Commandments and teach us how to live peaceful and meaningful lives.

We returned the favor by killing him in the name of religion .

There have been many more “true prophets” since Jesus. But, modern day “religion” has been able to make us disbelievers of truth so as Faith does not interfere with the big money game we have labeled “Religion”.

Because we have not evolved much since Jesus’s time .

Which leaves us wondering, as I state below, “Who is the Jesus of this time period?

Originally published in July 2009 in my site ……….

The Original Hippie

I was recently asked if I believed in Jesus Christ.

What anxiety this raised within me – it was though I had been waiting for some soul to ask me this deep question.

Here is my mindset on this controversial topic.

I definitely believe in Jesus.

I believe he walked upon this big blue marble.

I believe he spread the words of the Creators.

I believe he was a man who was ahead of his time in the area’s of logic, societal disposition and culture.

Jesus was a man.

I do NOT believe he was the SON OF GOD. (Where is Mrs. God?)

Whoa, now I have stepped into it……, here I go…………..

Jesus was a Prophet.

Jesus was a peaceful, gentle scholar who wished only to make an immature society overstand the reality of spiritualism and human reality.

Jesus was the original Hippie.

Jesus was born at the wrong time.

Jesus was persecuted for his overstanding of what this plain of existence was, is and shall be.

In the rock opera, “Jesus Christ Superstar”, the title song asks the question, “Why did you choose such a backward time in such a backward land?”. Did he choose? Or was that what the Creators decided was necessary for the plain of space/time continuum in this particular multiverse?

Jesus was a soul man.

Through all time, through all plains of reality and through all seven multi-universes there has been Prophets. Be it Jesus, Siddhartha, Gandhi, Aristotle or John Lennon, makes no nevermind – they are just the vessel. The message is always the same. To quote Led Zeppelin, “The Song Remains The Same”.

Jesus was the father of the peace, love, forgiveness and unity movements.


LightHouse Dann  on and in various media

Wired Magazine May 2002

Bear in mind that the internet was only ten years old and a five gig hard drive was the biggest you could buy


Enercare Connections is unbelievable


Government lies regarding cell phone companies


Cell phone companies lie regarding government agencies
It was worth the drive to Acton, Ontario 

Black Panthers vs. Black Lives Matter

Does anyone else see the similarity between the racism now and that of the sixties? ???


No political group operates without a hidden agenda.

Both had “Peaceful” marches.

Both have or had antagonists in the shadows initiating violence and hatred.

Both have or will have blood on their hands. 

I witnessed this all my childhood.  I am witnessing it once again,  but this time it is ten fold.

Anger brings hatred.

Hatred brings racism. 

Racism brings anger.

Anger brings hatred. 




What the frack is wrong with everyone and all this political correctness bull manure?

Every single day now we are being FORCED to bow down to some sort of “correctness”.

Money spent, tax payer’s money, could be better spent on much more important debates. Such things as more than a one percent raise per year on pension and old age cheques. The average rent goes up 3.25% per year, yet Pension and Old Age are only given a 1% raise. We have our down and out citizen’s sleeping on cement while we house refugee’s in hotels. We have changed our school system from having morning prayer and pledging allegiance to the Queen to accommodate a few immigrants who take “offence”.

Today in Ontario it was announced that all government forms will have “Mother” and “Father” removed to accommodate the LGBT community.

Here is a link that fiasco:

Replacing Mother & Father to be Politically Correct

The money spent on this ‘study’ alone could have been better used taking care of our elderly and disabled. How much will now be spent destroying the existing 10,000 plus forms and reprinting new ones???

In the fear of not being politically correct we have allowed many refugee’s to enter our country only to have them complain about “living conditions”. These people get twice what a pensioner receives. They also live in hotels, not motels. They also got housing given to them that was promised to the homeless.

I have a friend whose daughter is not allowed back into school until she gets a vaccination that she is against. But, in the same classroom are three Syrians who have no vaccinations, nor can speak one word of English.

Blacks boycotting awards shows because none of the “VOTERS” of the same awards voted any black films in this year. Obviously, those films were deemed crap. Yet, no white films are voted as contestants in the B.E.T. Awards. Which, as a Caucasian, I take offence to the very name. If I started a television network and named it White Entertainment Television I can only imagine what may happen.

Putin has the right idea, concerning language and refugees. You come to Canada learn OUR language, live by OUR cultures. If you are fleeing a country because you do not want to live like that then why do you want US to become like your country? I love Canada just the way it is/was.

When my late brother immigrated to Switzerland he spent two years learning their language and learning their customs. He did not go there and demand Zurich change everything so he could have Tim Horton’s, back bacon and poutine.

 It is nice to be politically correct in a political setting. Example; our Prime Minister should never stand up and say “Frack you” in a political setting. (Although, his father, Pierre once did and it was a moment in Canadian history few have forgotten)

But, to force “political correctness” or rather, their version of what THEY DEEM CORRECT on a so-called democratic society is wrong.


When did society break down to the point that two percent of the people can control what the other ninety-eight percent can say or do????

Tell me, please.