My birthday is October the fifth and this year I would be sixty.  Six decades of hurt.  REM performs a song whereas they sing, "Everybody hurts, sometimes." So, why do I hurt MOST times? Since my earliest memories I hurt. Even during happy times I suffer the pain of knowing the hurt will always be... Continue Reading →


Sometimes Death is a Procrastinator 

Recipe for a sad and meaningless existence.  1: Be born on October 5,  1957  2: Be abandoned at six months old  3: Live in 32 homes by the age of ten  4: Start drugs at ten years old 5: Leave home to live the street life at twelve years old  6: End up in a... Continue Reading →


So, touchy subject, 'SUICIDE' - I do believe you all may have heard of this quirky little characteristic you humans have. This evening, after a few accidental shots of good old Wray & Nephew combined with the cancer meds, my lust for kush weed and the newly acquired pneumonia meds. (Yes folks on top of everything... Continue Reading →

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