9 dead 16 injured – UPDATED – All brown people are not Radical Islamic’s.  Not all Radical Islamic’s are brown. 

Van ran down pedestrians at Young and Finch So far 9 dead 16 injured Many of the injured are "critical condition". Has not been said if it was terrorism. But, it wasn't an accident. As our Mayor is speaking on television there are a couple of immigrant punks in the background laughing and making heart... Continue Reading →


To the WORLD I offer my apology Trudeau may cause to or in your homelands

Following is a letter I have sent to my country's so-called "Leader". It is self-explanatory.   To the WORLD, on behalf of my fellow Canadians I offer my apology for what the actions of Trudeau may cause to or in your homelands.   Please feel free to copy and send this if you so desire.... Continue Reading →

All brown people are not Radical Islamics. 

​Sikhs are nothing like radical Islamic's. Very peaceful, well educated people who would be one of the first to stand and fight beside us against these terrorists. All brown people are not Radical Islamics.  Not all Radical Islamics are brown.  MANY ARE WHITE.  So, please,  think before you react or you will be no better... Continue Reading →

Muslim Brotherhood is not a new thing.

​There isn't a prison in the Western world that doesn't have the gang of "Muslim Brotherhood". And every single jailhouse Muslim is one just to get better food and special treatment.  Every Blood or Cripp gang member I have met in all my years claim to be Muslim.  And then they sell guns and heroin... Continue Reading →


How any true Canadian can even think of defending ANYTHING the Liberals are doing or already have done baffles me. Selling Canada by the pound to the enemies.   I am ashamed at my fellow countrymen for sitting on their asses and allowing this schizophrenic undercover Islamic sympathizer to change our values and ways just... Continue Reading →

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