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Here is the beginning of “6315” – Volume 3 of my “Walking On Dawes Collection”.

“First thing I recalled was the unbearable pain in my jaw. I couldn’t move it. The more I attempted to open my mouth the greater the sharp stabbing pain.

My tongue felt like a pile of pulled pork. Even the mere breathe of air passing over it caused burning pain. I then realized that it was shredded by what shards of my teeth remained.

Where were my beautiful teeth?”

And I wanted to know where the heck I was.

I realized that my eyes were swollen shut. Which compounded the chaotic mess within my mind.

My eyesight was surreal. Like I was wearing an Indy drivers burn mask. All I could see was the glow of the dual fluorescent light tubes directly above me. All else was obliqued by the shadows of my swollen eyelids.

I was hurt.

The realisation that I had either been in a heluva accident or I had lost the greatest street fight of my life set in.”

It is but a babe in the woods, but I am working on it.


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“You Can’t See Me” – Walking On Dawes Collection – Volume 2

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“You Can’t See Me”

Walking On Dawes Collection

Volume 2

This is a portrait of a broken man living a broken life in a broken world where family and friendship are one and the same.

Where wrong choices can lead to lifelong regrets. Haunting the very soul and stabbing the heart daily to remind you of the penalties of actions.

Where a man can be all alone and un-noticed in a crowded room.

Where sadness shadows joy and joy masks sadness.

This is the life of one man on one street in one city.

A man who let his darkness blind his Light.

Come, Walk on Dawes Road and trace his steps……



The Author and The Books


I am ‘LightHouse Dann Verner’.

I am ‘Dann’, just as I am.

And so it is that I am ……..

So, come, “Walk With Dann.”

A man who some say has lived many tragic lives.

The first decade of my life I had lived in thirty-two homes.

I started my ‘Walks’ at the age of ten.

I left Father’s house at the age of twelve to join a hippie commune and learned how to be a Heroin addict.

Foster care, jails, pain, sorrow and addiction were my childhood friends.

My playgrounds were the streets.

My rocking horse a Harley Davidson.

I was rescued from certain death via an arrest.

Next was real life recovery. ‘Cold turkey’ style in Dorchester Federal Penitentiary.

Where, after many years, I finally found “ME”.

I still have demons but I have learned to live with them.

I started blogging in 2002. It was a release from the demons within.

The blogging led to my becoming an author.

The author led to my wanting the world to know who I was and who I achieve to become.

If my story changes but one life, then I have succeeded.

I write my books for me and my inner persona’s.

For the reader,

I tell my stories.


All my books are available in paperback – Kindle & other E-platforms at:


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Damaged” is my first book.

Like me, it is raw and full of mistakes.

I have left it “unedited” as life has left me.


They’re complicated, the thoughts in my head.

Confusion is easily acquired when you are ‘Damaged”.

I am ‘Damaged’.

As the following “Walks With Dann” shall reveal.

Take heart in my words.

Absorb knowledge from my mistakes.

‘BANE’, Walks you through my middle years and three decades of marriage.

It does not contain the excitement of it’s predecessor.

It begins to show you who I was and who I was becoming.

BOON” Walks you deep into my personal life of trials and tribulations and my uniquely twisted none the norm perception of my realty.

A fictionl journey of a hippie on a Harley exploring the times.


The smell of the ocean danced on my nostrils as I walked, slipping and sliding, across the flats. My eyes darting to and fro, carefully scanning ahead for sink holes.

I should have been walking the other direction. Towards the junior high school. Towards hippie teachers trying to teach me of science, faith and nature.

I could hear the train in the distance. Pulling it’s tonnage of sugar cane around the bend to the refinery.

The tug boats crested the horizon. Their wake spewing behind them as they pushed against the mighty tanker so as to slow it’s unforgiving momentum. Lest it run ashore.

The shore. My foster home was there. High up the hill. It’s windows like two large eyes, taunting me with guilt.“Go to school“, they seemed to say.

I can’t“, my reply.

The first volume of the

Walking On Dawes Collection”


“This is a tale of a family who live their lives within the gang life. Except Little Ray. He and his family want him to break the cycle and live a normal life.

There is tragedy, laughter and most of all ‘insight’ within.

So come with us as we

Walk On Dawes.”


“You Can’t See Me”

Walking On Dawes Collection

Volume 2

This is a portrait of a broken man living a broken life in a broken world where family and friendship are one and the same.

Where wrong choices can lead to lifelong regrets. Haunting the very soul and stabbing the heart daily to remind you of the penalties of actions.

Where a man can be all alone and un-noticed in a crowded room.

Where sadness shadows joy and joy masks sadness.

This is the life of one man on one street in one city.

A man who let his darkness blind his Light.


So, this topic has been debated and debated. Costing tax payers money wasted that could have been used to ACTUALLY help. 

Yes, you naive Liberals will say “We opened the Better Living  Centre for ‘them'”

What an oxymoron to send them on a trek across the coldest part of the city to a building ironically named the exact opposite of their situation.

Maybe if the Liberals NEVER gave the housing destined for homeless to all the ungrateful, ANTI CANADIAN  Muslims, there wouldn’t be so many homeless.

You ever walked through the Exhibition grounds when the wind chill is -29?

Last night it was full to capacity.

Which means those that were turned away had to endure the winds off one if the largest lakes in the world, all the way down there and then back up to the downtown core.

MEANWHILE ….. Moss Park Armoury, which is always surrounded by homeless and those fighting addictions and those with mental health issues, sits EMPTY!!!!


They say there are no beds. Having grown up on the streets, I can assure you a homeless person would gladly lay down on the floor of a heated building, then on a piece of cardboard on a sidewalk.

But, all these damn ‘save the world’ misconstrued, gender confused, ”don’t hurt my feelings‘ IDIOTS cannot understand the plight of being a homeless person. 

So, tonight your little fireworks display and celebrations will be cut short because it will be too cold to leave your heated homes and cars as you walk past the elderly and young alike sleeping in the sidewalk you SPIT YOUR DISGUST UPON.

Take a look around people, take a look around.

Excerpt from “BOON”, Volume 3 in my “Walk With Dann Collection”

Looking back I realized that I do have idiotic moments.

Like the drunken cowboy in a bad Western movie who shoots himself in the foot during a gunfight.

If you look at any era of my lives you will see I shot myself in the foot often.

Now, I was an old, weathered biker with a plate in his head, a man-made neck, two right hip replacements, titanium plates in his right hand and now a ‘flipper’ for a foot.

I am the original ‘bionic’ hippie.

I am definitely the old, weathered man.

Yet, I am still Dann.

Links below for Volumes 1 & 2 in paperback.

E-books available at Kobo, Kindle & Amazon 


As I was walking about today, I realized how Blessed I was to live in such a blended infusion of nature and human construction. 

You think Toronto, being one of the largest cities in the world, and your mind automatically conjures a landscape of concrete, steel and pavement.

Fact being,  Toronto is a jungle of such. 

Phallic towers reaching for the celestial beyond. 
Endless paved paths to more paved paths. 

Hoards of trained sheep dancing to the elitists drum.
I do not live in the concrete jungle. 

I reside in the forest. 

Surrounded by massive fields of grasses. 

Walking in the shadows of tall swaying trees.

Watching rabbits run through the multi coloured valleys.

I live in Toronto.

A city where even a litter filled gully looks beautiful in it’s own way.

A city of trees and intrusive dwellings can be seen through the scratched graffiti of a bus window. 

Where nature shields vehicles from the sun.

I live in the jungles of Toronto and wander through its scenery, greenery and mosaics of man-made towers and homes.

And I smile.

For I am Blessed to be alive in a lively city within a bustling jungle of Mother Nature’s majestic creation.


​Ok. I don’t understand why the stairs would cost so much.

Don’t city workers get paid by the hour weekly or maybe bi-weekly? 

So, that said, why the enormous cost?

Just send a crew to build the stairs. Problem solved.

Why hire outside contractors when you have many qualified hourly paid employees that can do it?

I am baffled by the tens of thousands in cost.
If there are, gods know how many, workers being paid to “maintain” parks, then what in the name of gods will they be doing while some “contractor” is doing what they are already being paid to do?

Same as instances with police during parades or events.

How does it cost so much more when all paid employees are getting paid hourly whether said events take place or not. 

City payrolls are the same for each forty hour work period with the exception of “overtime”.

So, where and who comes up with these extraordinary figures????


Sweating In Summer’s Worth

Sweating In Summer’s Worth

I sweat. Very extremely. Too damn much.

Doctor’s know not why.

It is embarrassing to say the least.

Within five minutes outside, I appear as though I took a shower with my clothes on.

I believe it is due to the fact that I was born by the Atlantic ocean and it’s constant ocean breeze. Like a salmon, our bodies know where we belong. It becomes a genetic marker.

I left New Brunswick in 1972. Now reside eleven hundred miles from the nearest ocean. Eleven hundred miles from being able to breathe and function. Eleven hundred miles from the beautiful arms of the Goddess of Tides.

As a child I spent most my waking hours sitting on the shores of “Saint’s Rest” on the west side of Saint John. I grew up in the deep south end of the city, but would walk an hour and a half to find solitude and quiet in Nature’s grasp. (That and my foster parents would never search for me there.)

What a beautiful place to be a heroin addict and consume LSD.

The ebb and flow of the mighty Atlantic – the ferociousness of that mighty Whore of Oceans was mesmerizing. Hypnotically trapping me into understanding how meagre we humans are. Acknowledging to me how insignificant people are compared to the force of Nature. How, with just one wave SHE could eliminate our existence.

And through my teenage years as a junkie and drug user, I realized that life has to have meaning.

What pray tell is the meaning of YOUR life?”

I know somewhat the meaning of my being here. Yet, I understand it not. I have learned to accept my life for that which it may be.

During my early teens, I am sure friends and family both had a hidden lottery on how long I could “Walk With Dann” or “Dance With Shake”. Nineteen was the targeted year, I believe.

I turned eighteen in prison with a long time before ‘PAROLE’.

Thank you Many Faced God for Sentence Appeals. For now I have left “Dancing With Shake” behind me as I “Walk With Dann”.

Shake was evil, Dann is remorseful and pays the penance of the crimes of Shake.

Dann is full of guilt.

I need not go into those details as they are laid out truthfully and completely in my previous blogs and writings.

Yet, I sweat still.

Embarrassed when entering a store or applying for an apartment, etc. No matter how I dress, I arrive as wet as a nun’s vagina at a Justin Beiber concert.

I am positive that to some I appear as a ‘crackhead’ or just as a ‘dirty’ man.

I despise sweating.

I have resided in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for nigh on thirty seven years thus far. I am still sweating as much as the day I stepped off the Air Canada plane that delivered me from prison.

I am sweating profusely at this moment.

And I hate it.

I do not drink the water here. There is no water in Ontario. Just some clear weird liquid that oozes from my taps. Not sure if I need a knife and fork to consume it. Down home water has flavour. You can taste the Nature locked within. It’s cooling caress hugs you as it courses down your gullet.

Drinking New Brunswick water is a pleasure.

Drinking Toronto water is a roll of the dice.

But, how can I sweat so darn much without re-hydrating what I am losing?

I am puzzled by this.

I truly believe my purpose on this Big Blue Marble is to serve as a prime example of how NOT to live life.

I beg all of you, young and old alike, do not look for FALSE GLORY in the gangster life. Never have the belief that drugs solve life’s problems. Never “Dance With Shake”.

Feel free to “Walk With Dann”.

Never refuse to atone for the wrongs you have committed. Never refuse to own up to your actions.

No matter what your past may have held it cannot and WILL NOT disperse into infinity. It shall always come back to haunt you later in life.

All the sweating in the world will never wash your soul clean.

And so, I sweat profusely. Till I finally reach your version of Hades and the heat evaporates my past.


I had to share this post off my FaceBook page – – — As I have said many a time NOW Canadians are beginning to understand.

Being the fifth largest city in the world, we can expect much worse than this …..

Dann Verner
1 hr ·

A publication ban????  What are they hiding from the public.
Say there Trudeau, friend of yours??????
Never happen in Canada, eh.
They are all just poor gold jewelry wearing, new car driving, living in big homes and not a threat to us Canadians who cannot afford to eat and may be homeless.
Put OUR tax dollars where they belong – in our poor’s pocket!!!!!!!
Close the border and screen, fact check and up the vetting on ALL “so-called refugees”. No matter where they come from or what colour they are or what story they tell.
If our Prime Monster Minister can lie through his teeth with that foolish “stoned” grin so can his terrorist friends.
Worst excuse for a Canadian and very poor excuse of a human this so called “LEADER” is. Undercover radical extremist Isis sympathizer!!!!
Piece of Quebecois crap. STEP DOWN and go slide down some hills …

(Article Link courtesy of The Toronto Sun)

Woman screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ charged in Toronto store attack: Sources
A Scarborough woman remains jailed on allegations that she, while masked in an ISIS bandana, swung a golf club at Canadian Tire employees while screaming threats and…

And here the comments, so far, on my Facebook page ….. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005761995135

Kevin McRae
Kevin McRae Publication ban about 3 hours to late this news is EVERYWHERE! Its only a matter of time till her name and face appear!

· Reply ·


· 1 hr


Robin MacKinnon
Robin MacKinnon Just read the same on global ….see how long before it disappears …they even released her name and guess what “she wasn’t Scottish…..lol

· Reply ·


· 1 hr


Ken Mans
Ken Mans wish she would have bashed in some libtards head but nothing would happen still .

· Reply · 1 hr


Lorraine Cyr
Lorraine Cyr So much for the publication ban, it’s all over social media now. These people can’t hide their ugly ways.

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· 1 hr


Marg Frattaroli
Marg Frattaroli I was just going to post the same thing, what’s up with this PUBLICATION BAN, I CALL BULLSHIT.

· Reply ·


· 1 hr


Dann Verner
Dann Verner Probably a ‘gag’ order from the traitor we have leading us.

· Reply ·


· 1 hr


Alison Beckett
Alison Beckett Same with the Edmonton sexual assault of those young girls by that Muslim. That was
Later shushed.

· Reply ·


· 1 hr


John Ely
John Ely Well it’s here….

· Reply · 1 hr


Pat Law
Pat Law One of trudeau’s refugees, only been here a few months according to her neighbour!!!

· Reply ·


· 1 hr


Lori Grawey
Lori Grawey Very disheartened. When will we rise and take our country back from these Satanists

· Reply ·


· 1 hr


Claude A. Drapeau
Claude A. Drapeau Islam, the beautiful religion of peace strikes again !

· Reply ·


· 46 mins


Darlene Howard
Darlene Howard go figure lots more to come yet likely

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· 42 mins


Bowman Ireson
Bowman Ireson Where are you now Justin you lying little prick, you said you’d take complete responsibility for these people if anything bad happened.

· Reply ·


· 42 mins


Darlene Howard
Darlene Howard i think there ought be a revoultion take the law n ur own hands cause government has no intention on doing fk all

· Reply ·


· 41 mins


Dann Verner
Dann Verner Amen – well, in there defense you cannot call Prime Monster Minister’s group a government – just thieves and liars


Dann Verner
Dann Verner Not very far from where I live – – – oh, wait, I am surrounded. I feel very Caucasian lately

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· 40 mins


Rick Langlais
Rick Langlais One of hundreds being pampered by our terrorist leader!

· Reply ·


· 28 mins


Gaétan St-Aubin
Gaétan St-Aubin Hey I’m a quebecer, and I stand for canada against this trash. Don’t put us all in the same bundle over geographic location now…


Gaétan St-Aubin
Gaétan St-Aubin S’okay senior. Lol

· Reply ·


· 7 mins


James W Smith
James W Smith The Toronot Star has this story but omits thar she ” screamed Allah akbar”, wtf

· Reply ·


· 9 mins


Is this not “treason”????

What the frack is wrong with all of us????  This Quebecois Traitorous Bastard has to go!!!!!

Is this not “treason”????

Trudeau should have his citizenship revoked and be deported back to his native village in the mountains of Afghanistan. 

Fracking TRAITOR! !!!!!!

Quoted from the article …..

“The rationale for Trudeau’s platitude that a “Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian”—even if that “Canadian” is a foreign-born agent convicted of terrorism—was never clear.”