"What is wrong with people?" "What is happening to society?" I ask these questions constantly, for I just do not comprehend what is taking place in our world. We have been raising youth for at least two generations who seem to think they are owed everything and should not have to work for it. THE... Continue Reading →



How any true Canadian can even think of defending ANYTHING the Liberals are doing or already have done baffles me. Selling Canada by the pound to the enemies.   I am ashamed at my fellow countrymen for sitting on their asses and allowing this schizophrenic undercover Islamic sympathizer to change our values and ways just... Continue Reading →

The All New Chevrolet Ford Audi Honda War Machine

​A measly five inches of snow and you would think Toronto had a storm. Hundreds of accidents all over the city.  I'm dying with laughter here. If we got one down home East coast blast Toronto would have a panick attack. Declare an emergency and call in the army.   All these idiots who think... Continue Reading →

What Have We Learned? 

​Here is forty years  ago  http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/iconic-napalm-girl-photo-vietnam-war-turns-40-article-1.1088201 Here is a news reporter emotionally telling us about this poor child named Omran,  in Syria.  http://www.littlethings.com/photo-of-omran/?utm_source=shrd&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=news I ASK YOU,WHAT HAS MANKIND LEARNED? WE ARE NOT CAPABLE OF LIVING IN PEACE. WE ARE  PREDATORS, GENETICALLY  AND GREEDY.  WE ARE AN INFESTATION OF PESTILENCE ON A BEAUTIFUL PLANET. AND MOTHER... Continue Reading →

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