Justice For Aspen

This is probably the most heartbreaking blog I have had to write in many months ..... First let me tell you a bit about Corey Dixon .... the best medium for this is reading his TWITTER bio which I have copied and pasted below, Who is Corey Dixon? I started acting at the age of... Continue Reading →


In My Secret Life

We all have many 'lives' per se. We all have that one secret life. With most it is a harmless secret. I have put most my lives out there. In blogs and in my novels. Yet, I have that one life I rarely reveal ....... My 'secret' life. The one where I cry dry tears,... Continue Reading →

The Influence Neil Young and Johnny Cash’s Music Held In My Lives

Music is the only universal language. If not for my love of the lyrics of song I would not stand before you at the young age of almost 61. My childhood was filled with the great Johnny Cash. Folsom Prison Blues taught me that prison was not where I wanted to go, but my lifestyle... Continue Reading →

A Sneak is a Sneak

I don't understand the logic of the Trudeau government. If they, illegal border crossers, are breaking the law by entering illegally, then what makes you think they will obey any law? Canada is probably the easiest country to enter LEGALLY, so entering illegally proves you are hiding something. Especially when coming from a safe country... Continue Reading →

There Is A Difference Between Decriminalizing And Legalization Of Drug Possession

There is a difference between decriminalizing and legalization of 'simple' drug possession. Yet, many drug addicts will misinterpret decriminalization as legalization.  Because, face it, many street level drug addicts are numb to reality and often have perception problems in the area's of law and societal tolerances. Get as mad as you wish - I have... Continue Reading →

The Poor Only Matter When The Rich Can Pat Themselves On The Back

It's another Sunday. Life has been difficult these past few months. Having my identity stolen really affected my cupboards. I weigh a mere 60 kilos now. Far from my usual 80. I eat maybe one meal a day, saving food for my son. A sacrifice many parents suffer for their children. But, I'm old. Soon... Continue Reading →

Thailand – Could This Magnificent Machine Be The Answer?

Just my own thought .... but is it a feasibile solution? If only there was a way to get the Irving's large bore machine used on Oak Island to Thailand. Such a magnificent piece of equipment could possibly be the miracle they need to save those youth. @David Irving Irving Oil Just a thought. Could... Continue Reading →

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