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Is The Loblaw’s Rebate Card A Scam?

Back on February 16, 2018 I saw on the evening news how Loblaws was offering a $25 rebate card for their part of the bread price fixing fiasco.

I had to have been one of the very first to apply. Mind you this was last February.

I waited patiently.

My neighbours were all receiving theirs.

Finally, after checking my blank “STATUS” over and over, I decided to inquire as to why it was taking so long.
Here is the first email ….sent May 16, 2018

I submitted my registration on 16/02/18

My ID number is:


I even updated my address when I moved.

I emailed before and was merely told it could take up to 12 weeks.

My question is why have I not received a card when all my Neighbors received their cards weeks ago, many who registered long after I had

Powered by Cricket Wireless


Program Administrator


This was sent June 20, 2018.

No card?

My registration was submitted on February 16, 2018

I have still not received my card.
My registration number is


Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email. Your registration is processing. We will contact you if additional information is needed. You may continue to monitor your registration status at the following path: https://www.loblawcard.ca/en/status


Program Administrator

From: LightHouse Dann Verner <lighthousedannverner@gmail.com>

Sent: Monday, June 11, 2018 5:52:11 AM
Subject: No card?
My registration was submitted on February 16, 2018

I have still not received my card.
My registration number is


LightHouse Dann Verner <lighthousedannverner@gmail.com>

AttachmentsWed, Jul 11, 3:50 PM

to LoblawInfo

I applied for this card the VERY first day you announced it on the news. I still have yet to receive it, but neighbors who applied on the last eligible day got theirs. Makes me wonder if it was a scam.

I wrote a few times and was told it takes three months.
However, I must say that I am offended that you would even possibly believe that a 61 year old disabled man would somehow be scamming you.
A man who shops at your NoFrills at Saint Clair and Victoria Park Avenue, right next door to my building, daily for the past twenty or so years.
Talk about making someone feel like they are dishonest!!!! I had to have had to been one of the very first to register for the card. In fact I registered so early, I had to wait to submit the final registration because YOUR system was not set up yet.
I feel offended and somewhat a target for unknown reasons. ESPECIALLY AFTER ALL THE TIMES I EMAILED AND ASKED WHAT WAS WRONG.
I even contacted you when I moved because I feared the new tenant at my old residence may have sent it back or whatever.
I just do not understand how my neighbours were bragging about how fast they got theirs and here I have been waiting since late January or early February.
And ever time I inquired I was told it was being ‘processed’. For almost thirty weeks it has been processed.
If not for seeing my neighbours with the actual cards I would have definitely believed this was a scam.
I forget when I actually applied. It was the very first day you released the information on CTV News. Your website says I registered February 16, 2018, but it was a couple of weeks before that.
I actually had to be one of the very first to have submitted a request. And for six months I have asked and wondered why.
If I had not gone to your website today to check (out of curiosity) I never would have known you wanted ‘PROOF” I was not a low life trying to scam you.
No sent me an email asking for the proof either. So, if I hadn’t checked today I never would have known you thought me a scammer.
I suspect Loblaw’s will find another reason to delay or deny me again.
I hope not, but why else would it take a senior a half year but working young people next door and across the hall got theirs very fastidiously.
Anyways, here is the attachment they asked for
Which, by the way, my current address is:
Daniel Verner
Dawes Road,
Toronto, Ontario
offendedly yours,
Daniel Verner
As you can see I was getting upset. I sent them the documents they asked for.
Dear DANIEL VERNER (Registration ID WCB******):

The $25 Loblaw Card program was designed to pay customers quickly and directly, without requiring proof of purchase or forcing customers to wait for a class action lawsuit.

Our plan to distribute tens of millions of dollars is a natural target for fraudulent behaviour by others. We are asking for your help to protect your interests and make sure that the money we want to pay you actually lands in your hands.

We have received your registration and ask that you provide us information to confirm your identity – specifically and only your name and residential address. We ask that you please submit a scanned or photographed copy of any current documentation that shows your name and residential address. For example, a utility or cell phone bill will do. Please note that we do NOT need the account or customer numbers so you can cover up or remove the numbers in the copy of what you send us.

You can submit a copy of your documents one of two ways:

1. Through the following secure link: http://www.loblawcard.ca/en/status.
2. By mail to Loblaw Card Program, P.O. Box 8111, Vancouver Main, Vancouver BC V6B 4E2. (Please do not send an original document).

Submitted documents will be used only to confirm identity. Once received, they will be verified and destroyed.

We require documentation within 30 days of the date of this email to complete your registration. After 30 days your registration will be rejected. If you have any questions, please contact us via email at info@LoblawCard.ca.

Thank you for registering for a $25 Loblaw Card.


Program Administrator

So, I replied ….
I just sent it to you twice already today! !!! It took you six months to ask for this? ??

I’ll send it AGAIN. Three times now in one day you’ve asked me for it. Yet it took you over six months to ask. And why me? I know about ten people who applied a month ago and already received it. None of which were asked to supply anything.
They applied FIVE MONTHS after I did and already received the card.
Is there a reason you think me, a 61 year old disabled crippled man is commiting fraud, but the youngkids across the hall from me applied the very last day and already got one?
I’m offended that out if so many people I know I’m the only one who has waited since February and now you think a disabled senior citizen is commiting fraud?
I’m dumbfounded by such prejudice.
Not too mention I shop at your store – which is right next door to my building for the last twenty some years EVERYDAY.
Here, for the third today – as requested is the proof that I’m not a fraud artist. I’ve sent it three times by email and twice now via the link.
If you think I am a senior citizen who goes around commiting crime I’m fine with that
Just say so.
Cause frankly, I’m quite insulted that today alone you have accused me 3 times. And for some reason you keep asking for the proof.
What? The first three or four times you think I’ve forged or something.
And you never answered my questions in my previous emails.
Why do you think I am committing fraud?
And most of all why did it take you six months to accuse just me out of many people in my building who waited a few weeks and never got accused of being a crook.
I answered your questions.
Disgusted and offended ;
Daniel A. VERNER
Which they replied on July 13, 2018 …..

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your email. Your document has been received and will be reviewed. We will contact you if we need any additional information is needed. You may continue to monitor your registration status at the following path: https://www.loblawcard.ca/en/status

There are various triggers that might lead our administrators to ask for ID, like large numbers of registrations from a single address, multiple requests under a single or similar name, irregularities in a registration, and many others. We want to get money in the hands of our customers quickly. But, we want to make sure it’s actually landing in their hands.

This is part of the standard approach of administering a program like this one, which is why the registration form indicates that ID may be requested in some cases.


Program Administrator


Here is the email content I sent them today …
“So, it’s been over seven months since I applied for your rebate card.

My claim number is WCB*****0
I wrote a few times now.
Received vague answers.
More or less got accused Iof attempted fraud. Three times you made me submit proof I wasn’t a liar.
I was actually one of the first to apply as I applied the very first day you announced the plan.
I’ve seen numerous young people receive their cards.
Which leads me to believe Loblaws only thinks elderly people are liars.
I’m writing CBC and CTV and forwarding all the emails and info I have received from this site since February 16, 2018.
As I stated the THIRD time you requested proof of address from me, I am offended that Loblaws has blatantly singled me out and has had seven months to send the card.
I’ll also start a Facebook page to inquire how many other seniors have not received these cards.
Perhaps it was just a few who received cards just to stop the public and media outcry for the price fixing scam you were part of?
Let’s see what the public’s verdict is.
Like my grandmother once said to me, “Once dishonest, always dishonest”.
I’ll be honest enough to send you the various links to the blogs and inquiries I am initiating today.
Dan Verner, “
Leaves me to wonder if they are scamming the public by just sending out a few cards so as to avoid a class action law suit.
So, I ask you Loblaws, “Are you yet again scamming your customers like you have already by price fixing the bread products? What over scams could you be running on the very people who make your stores exist???
Leaves me wondering what Theodore Loblaw and John Cork would think of this fiasco ……




Many ask me why l write.

I write my books for me.

I tell my stories for my readers.

I am not sure if my works are badly written good stories or well written bad stories.

Not too sure I care either way. I do care that, in my “Walk With Dann Collection”, I am telling my life as brutally truthful as possible. In shame and in honour.

I do care that my ‘stand alone’ books, such as “The Last Canadian Cosmonaut” touch your heart.

I pray that my other collection, “Walking On Dawes”, shows that the gang life, although often ‘exciting’, leads only to karma biting your buttocks.”

My Walk With Dann Collection

Volumes 1, 2 & 3

Damaged” is my first book.

Like me, it is raw and full of mistakes.

I have left it “unedited” as life has left me.


Walk With Dann Collection

Volume 1

A Walk from my birth till I meet my second wife.”

It is rough, crude in fact, numerous format conversion errors.

I left It raw on purpose as a testament to the honesty of my words and work.

It contains humour, murder, explosions and motorcycles.

It may or may not be fictional or may even be non-fictional.”


Walk With Dann Collection

Volume 2

Walks you through my middle years and three decades of marriage.

It does not contain the excitement of it’s predecessor.

It begins to show you who I was and who I was becoming.”




Walk With Dann Collection

Volume 3

Walks you deep into my personal life of trials and tribulations and my uniquely twisted none the norm perception of my realty.”

So, come, Walk With Dann.


(My first ‘standalone book‘, my personal favorite.)

The smell of the ocean danced on my nostrils as I walked, slipping and sliding, across the flats. My eyes darting to and fro, carefully scanning ahead for sink holes.

I should have been walking the other direction. Towards the junior high school. Towards hippie teachers trying to teach me of science, faith and nature.

I could hear the train in the distance. Pulling it’s tonnage of sugar cane around the bend to the refinery.

The tug boats crested the horizon. Their wake spewing behind them as they pushed against the mighty tanker so as to slow it’s unforgiving momentum. Lest it run ashore.

The shore. My foster home was there. High up the hill. It’s windows like two large eyes, taunting me with guilt.“Go to school“, they seemed to say.

I can’t”, my reply.

Walking On Dawes Collection



Walking On Dawes Collection”

Volume 1”

Big Roy - Dedication

This is a tale of a family who live their lives within the gang life. Except Little Ray. He and his family want him to break the cycle and live a normal life.”

There is tragedy, laughter and most of all ‘insight’ within.

So come with us as we

Walk On Dawes.”



You Can’t See Me”

Walking On Dawes Collection

Volume 2

This is a portrait of a broken man living a broken life in a broken world where family and friendship are one and the same.

Where wrong choices can lead to lifelong regrets. Haunting the very soul and stabbing the heart daily to remind you of the penalties of actions.

Where a man can be all alone and un-noticed in a crowded room.

Where sadness shadows joy and joy masks sadness.

This is the life of one man on one street in one city.

A man who let his darkness blind his Light.




They say I am tough, but yet, I feel so rough.

This mask I wear has gotten me where?


Like Kid rock says,

“I’ve ate out of dumpsters and dined with Kings.”

Like the clock shows,

I have experienced many things.

Yet, in sorrow I have walked my many roads.

For the life I have lived was mostly alone.

I am, therefore I think

I have experienced pain and I have witnessed their sorrow.

I hope that they can forgive me on the ‘morrow.

For always in my heart I hold this sorrow.

Perhaps I should have been born in a swamp.

For an outlaw life seems what I want.

I have buried my Mother and 98 friends.

I wake each morning wondering,




So, they freed up Bobi Wine on bail today.

Denying he was beaten and tortured while in custody.

Oddly the day he was arrested he could walk and talk. Strange how he left prison on crutches and speechless.


We in the free world have no idea what a struggle the Ugandan citizens exist in daily.

Can you imagine if we had to pay a tax for using “social media”?

Can you imagine how full our prisons would be if we were to be beaten, tortured and imprisoned just for having a different political opinion???


Quote from NTVUganda

“The High Court in Gulu has granted bail to Kyaddondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi and 32 others with whom he had been charged with treason. The 33 suspects were arrested in Arua on 13th and 14th August 2018, following the end of campaigns to elect the Arua Municipality MP.”

And why hasn’t the Western world spoke out about the strife of Uganda’s citizens????

I ask you this cause it is far more important than Trump or Trudeau’s political photo opportunities.

Brevity Rock Uganda – One love Family

Who I Am

I am ‘LightHouse Dann Verner’.

2018-06-13 141894308174..jpeg

A man who some say has lived many tragic lives.

The first decade of my life I had lived in thirty-two homes. None of which I ever spoke the words, “Mom or Dad”. Only “Mister or Misses”.

I started my ‘Walks’ at the age of ten fighting the monsters in my head. The demons were winning for many years.

I left my siblings Father’s house at the age of twelve to join a hippie commune and learned how to be a Heroin addict.

I have never slept in my father or mothers house since that day.

That was over fifty years ago.

Foster care, jails, pain, sorrow and addiction were my childhood friends. My playgrounds were the streets.My rocking horse a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Finally I was rescued via an arrest. Rescued from certain death.

Next was real life recovery. ‘Cold turkey’ style in Dorchester Federal Penitentiary.

Where, after many years, I finally found “ME”.

I have never gone back to jail since my release in 1981.


The powers that be Blessed me with three sons and many other “sons and daughters” that wandered into my life from broken homes.

I still have demons but I have learned to live with them. I can never undo the pains and sorrow I inflicted on my family and others.

But, I can stand as a man and take responsibility and hopefully be a better man and role model for those who are in my life.

I started blogging in 2002. It was a release of the demons within.

The blogging led to my becoming an author.

TLCC (2)

The author led to my wanting the world to know who I was and who I achieve to become.

I write my books for me and my inner persona’s.

For the reader, I tell my stories.

If my story changes but one life, then I have succeeded.


I paid a high price for my actions. Lost my childhood, my teens and yet I hold my head high for,

I am ‘Dann’, just as I am.

And so it is that I am ……..

So, come, Walk With Dann.


I have had the anguish of  losing many friends and family over the past sixty-one years.

I have lost a few of my children.

My mother was murdered and made me promise on her death bed not to retaliate. Hard promise to keep, yet, I kept it.

I normally do not cry over death.

But, I cry over my dear friend’s, Sheena Eve’s, passing. It was such a tragic one.

I cry everyday. Every morning. Every night.


When I awake and she is the first thought in my mind, I know she is telling me all will work out. I miss her and so do all of her friends. Sheena Eve was a living Angel and now as she sits in Valhalla she is a celestial Angel.


Yet, although I shed no tears over my sons passing or even that of my mother, I cry many tears daily over Sheena Eve’s. The only passing in my life that has affected me this way.

My LightHouse gift (curse) of seeing dead people and premonition does not allow me the courtesy  of blocking my emotions.

And therefore every time I see Sheena Eve’s pictures, hear her name or even briefly think of her I cry. No matter where I am. I do so proudly as there is no shame or embarrassment in loving someone so greatly that it hurts.

My tears are painful, but not sorrowful.  They are happy tears formed by having Sheena Eve in my life. For Sheena Eve and our  good friend Miss V having saved my life at the lowest point of my existence. An act of love that I shall ever be grateful for.

Best part of my sorrow is the joy I will have when I ascend.


I shall die with a smile knowing that this time I will not return like the past seven times I died.

I will take Sheena Eve’s hand, walk to the portal and all will be well. 

She will continue to watch over us from the Heavens. Giving an Angelic hug to those of us who need one. 

My beautiful Irish Guardian Angel


Until the Creator’s allow us to sit together once again, I shall remain Dann, just as I am

And these tears will always sting my face … — 


Why You All Need to Listen To The Mighty Vinnie. THIS IS A RAPPER!!! THIS IS A MINSTREL!

I had previously published this under the title, “I NEED DRUGS – NOT!!!”

I am a connoisseur of real music. I am 61 years old and many are surprised at the genre of music I listen to. I do listen to all era’s of music, but my everyday is who I speak of in this ‘Walk With Dann’.

By ‘real’, I mean music in which there is lyrics that actually convey a message or story. 

Do not see much of that nowadays in this ‘so-called’ hip hop/rap genre. 

 A song is meant to convey a message or enlighten one’s  inner soul. Musician’s were and are “minstrels”. 

Minstrel defined by the dictionary as, “singer who performed songs whose lyrics told stories of different places or of existing or imaginary events. Although minstrels told their own tales, often they would memorize and embellish the works of others“.

 Who are the top few I consider minstrels? 

 Here are a few that I have mad respect for what they are speaking to the youth of today.

Ill Bill and his brother Necro

Vinnie Paz



Mr. Green





Tom Green (YES! That ‘Tom Green’ – check the O.R., udunno what I say)

So, let me show you a few examples of what I am saying ………

First video you should watch (courtesy of YouTube) is:

 Uncle Howie hears “My Uncle” for the first time  – courtesy of youtube

Here you will witness the power of the love only family can give to their own. 

As is very visible, Howie is definitely healthy and happy here. The result of his nephews love, caring and guidance. 

The lyrics speak mountains – definitely written from the heart and most definitely truthful. 

 A testimony to the realities of drug abuse and society’s darker side. A confession of the pain these nephews felt watching their Uncle suffer.

Here is the younger nephew, Necro:

His video that shows the “BEFORE” Howie:

 NECRO _ I Need Drugs     – courtesy of youtube

Recently I posted this video to my FaceBook page with this as the intro: 

 Brings tears to thine eyes – R.I.P. Uncle Howie. Dudes and Dudettes, compare Uncle Howie in this video to the one in Necro’s older brother, Ill Bill’s “My Uncle”. May the creators BLESS these lads for bringing their beloved uncle back to Earth. What a heavy load on my heart to overstand the pain they must have had to endure with the loss of such a knowledged Street Warrior to cancer after years of dancing with the dragon’s from Hell. 

Mad respect for the message’s Ill Bill and Necro and all their homies convey. 

Wish all these other so-called hip hop artist would follow their path and speak of REALNESS.”

Personally, I shed a tear everytime I listen to “Uncle Howie” for Howie, for Necro and for Ill Bill and for all of Howie’s family.

My soul becomes wrapped in the guilt of my SINS – knowing that in years long gone by, (and some close at hand), I have laid this burden upon those who loved me as much as these men love their Uncle.

What a statement to the realities of modern life in the tenements our youth are growing up in.

Ill Bill began his quest twenty-four long years ago in 1992. 



No words I may type can tell you what your eyes will overstand when you have viewed this. 

‘Nuff said. 

I cannot say who is my favorite, but right up there with Ill Bill & Necro, is Vinnie Paz & his Jedi Mind Tricks. 


Here lies another minstrel who has been spitting the truth from 1993 till this very day. 

Twenty-three years and still sending out the message!!! 

Vinnie’s messages are so deeply written in the blood of his truths. 

Listen deeply to the lyrics in such tunes as “Uncommon Valor” and – my personal favorite “I, Who Have Nothing”. I play it every morning along with Ill Bill’s “My Uncle” to remind me of the life I have and am living.

Listen to what this song conveys, “I, who have nothing, but the comfort of my sins.”  DEEP!!!!! 

I, Who Have Nothing  – courtesy of youtube

To keep this blog from becoming a complex full length documentary, I will not break down and example all the above listed true artists.

This ‘Walk With Dann’ is only to say that I wish all musicians would get back to being MINSTRELS. 

For, if they could, then maybe, just maybe, one other soul would not have to sing about their Uncle, their life in the swamps of the Southern States, their lives in the swamps of Detroit or New York or Texas or Toronto. 

Overstand me now?

Bring the minstrel back to the music. 

Bring the stories back to the public. 

Drop all this bullshit about “Money, Weed & Hoes”. 

“Imagine” a world where “all the people could live as one’ – where “you may say I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”

I hope someday you will join us and the world will live as one” 

(Thank you John Lennon for embedding this within the confines of my mind)

I leave you now with a quote from a beautiful  Yelawolf/Ed Sheeran collaboration:


“I’ll be coming up when the Sun goes down. Rolling like a rock till I hit the ground. Running from the Lord cause I can’t be found. Only MY God can track me down”


Upper and middle class well to do people have no concept whatsoever as to what the average person goes through just to survive.

I live in Toronto, we have more people than any other city in Canada, show me where these people are speaking up about Canadian politics – they will gather in flocks to protest American politics, but not for our problems.

Facebook protests are as useless as tits on a bull. Where are these people speaking out? Instagram? Twitter? Tim Horton’s?

Most are still trying to figure out why we have a Prime Minister and a President because no one has taught them that Canada and the U.S. are two separate countries.

For the love of the Creators, they voted in a man because he has nice hair and legalized pot.

The world is boxed, society lives in a “Don’t hurt my feelings” world – it will eventually end bad.

Trudeau is destroying Canadian values, our Court systems are ancient and now we think there are more than two sexes.

Here is a picture of the Supreme Court of Canada Judges with their families …

photo of monkeys
Photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush on Pexels.com

I won’t even start about how insane our education system is.

I shake my head all the time.

The average person on the street are not even aware that Canada and the U.S. are two separate countries.

We have our downtown core filled with elderly, homeless and mentally damaged people living on the boiling hot concrete – stroll through the valleys, off the glamorized bike paths and see how many tents there are.


Banning guns is a token band-aid media treat to show the public that politicians are maybe listening.

Never met a gang-banger in my life that applied for a carry licence.

Third Strike Law, no plea bargaining, one sentence for murder, no bail for any weapons and stop making Canadian prisons like Boy Scout camps.

I did time in old school Dorchester in the 70’s – never went back. It was a prison, not a Holiday Inn.

We live in such a delusional time where we worry more about hurting feelings or making prisoners “comfortable”, where the media spends more time discussing the heart ache of a murderers family than the distraught felt by the 15 victim families.

You cannot tell me about the criminal element and what will work – I’ve spent 60 years dealing with such. I have seen and done things that no human should have did or even witnessed.

Upper and middle class well to do people have no concept whatsoever as to what the average person goes through just to survive. Most of us survive on $18,000 a year of which $11,000 or more goes for rent. You Liberal supporters spend that on beer.

Read my books.


Canada needs to wake the frack up and people need to get off their fat asses on Election Day and vote. But, they are too busy bitching on Social Media.

Image may contain: one or more people, meme and text

Justice For Aspen

This is probably the most heartbreaking blog I have had to write in many months …..

First let me tell you a bit about Corey Dixon …. the best medium for this is reading his TWITTER bio which I have copied and pasted below,


Who is Corey Dixon?

I started acting at the age of five, taking part in theatre and Broadway plays at various theatres across Ontario, Canada. Eventually, I moved on to commercials, TV, print and film after being signed to an agency and management company. I managed to land roles in multiple TV shows, commercials, print ads and a couple of short films.

When I was in elementary school I assisted kids who had disabilities. I just wanted to help others, but I was treated differently because of it and was made fun of by many of the students in the school. This didn’t stop me from helping, because I felt it was my job to help others.

Eventually, the bullying got so bad that I broke down. I would go home at night and cry in my room wishing the bullying would stop, but it didn’t, it just got worse. Students from the school eventually figured out where I lived and started to egg my house. I would return to school only to be called nasty names and treated like a nobody; like I didn’t have feelings or a personality. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was tired of being harassed, put down and treated poorly. I tried to commit suicide on more than one occasion but kept getting stopped by a friend or just couldn’t find the guts to go through with the suicide. I eventually ended up in the hospital and got help from counselors and doctors.

I was put on medication and diagnosed with depression and anxiety, but this didn’t stop me from reaching for my goals. All of the negative energy encouraged me to take a stand and use it for something positive, and that’s just what I did.

I now inspire people by sharing my story. I shared my story on W.A.V.E. which was featured at The Living Arts Centre and was put on by the one and only Louise Russo. At this event, I took the stage with Shane Kippel from Degrassi and Life with Derek. Both Shane Kippel and I spoke about the seriousness of bullying and shared our inspiring stories to over 2,000 students. I plan to find more ways to share my story with the world and hope to inspire many.

“I want to be an inspiration to others. I really want the world to know my story and I want people to know they are NEVER alone and that it WILL and it DOES get better, just think positive”.


Now his story gets even more tragic but inspirational, please bear with with me and read this before I explain “#JusticeForAspen”

My Life-Changing Experience

On Saturday, February 27, 2016 I experienced a tragic accident: I slipped on black ice and fell off a 30-foot cliff in Hamilton (Albion Falls). It took more than 30 first responders over two hours to get me up from the cliff and to Hamilton General Hospital.

The injuries were serious. I experienced a torn aorta which took four hours to repair in surgery and my back was broken in four places with an L1 burst. After seven hours of back surgery I now have rods and screws holding my back together. I also suffered several broken bones: five in my pelvic bone and my left arm was shattered, resulting in a three hour surgery to rebuild it. I also had a brain bleed and a stroke from the fall.

Needless to say, after a week in the ICU, a month in step-down trauma and another six months in three different hospitals I wasn’t sure if I would ever walk again.

I was transferred to Lyndhurst where I quickly learned how life had changed. Although I could walk with assistance I was still paralyzed from the waist down.

The help of Toronto Rehab’s Lyndhurst Centre and their Spinal Cord Injury unit has given me another story to tell. I now share my spinal cord injury story to promote safety awareness as well as to teach about disability and accessibility.

Although I am now able to walk and stand again, I have had a range of ongoing medical issues due to my accident. Along with physical symptoms that I am still dealing with, I also battle with depression which started when I was paralyzed. I am excited to get back to work as it keeps me busy and helps me cope with the effects of my accident.

My back surgeon said, “I have done this surgery 1000’s of times. I know five patients that are walking, Corey is one. A true inspiration.”

Here is the tragic story of ASPEN his cardiac companion dog ….

Corey placed Aspen in the care of PETSMART for one week as he went on a much needed vacation. Aspen did not like cars too well and Corey felt it was best to board him rather then traumatize him with travelling.

Corey did everything right. Taken him to his regular vet to assure that he was in good health and would be ok with being boarded. Here is a copy of the vets report on that visit stating Aspen was in good health.



So Corey placed Aspen in the care of Petsmart in Etobicoke, Ontario. 158 North Queen location.

So here is one Corey’s first tweets after returning home and going to pick Aspen up …




Wait, it gets far more heartbreaking …..

As any responsible pet owner would do Corey rushed Aspen to his vet immediately. Resulting  in this … (I am in tears writing this)


As you have more than likely already determined – Aspen eventually passed away. Leaving Mr. Dixon devastated. Aspen had saved his life more than once, not to mention our pets, whether a service or family companion, become family members.

Read the complete story on Corey’s TWITTER account ‘ @CoreyDixon33 ” or on FaceBook at #JusticeForAspen. Please take a few minutes out of your day and check this tragic story out.

(PETSMART did agree to pay $5000 maximum towards Aspen’s treatment. Mind you the vet bill far exceeded this.)

So, after Aspen’s passing PETSMART releases this statement ….


This was proven to be false in every way by the above Vet report. Not too mention no one from Petsmart was “in contact” with Corey.

Here is another of Corey’s tweets …..


Aspen’s vet released the statement posted above proving this was an outright lie!

Now Corey is left with, firstly, a broken heart, secondly, NO SERVICE DOG.

A much needed necessity in his life!

Corey Dixon has given back, paying it forward, all his life. Even after his tragic accident and while fighting his own demons of depression and anxiety.

Please, please take time to check out his TWITTER and the Facebook JusticeForAspen  pages.

And as a pet owner myself and a person with emotions I am asking you to help Mr. Dixon on his quest to assure that this NEVER happens to any other animal in Petsmart’s or any kennel’s care. 

Further if you have the means to spread this story please do so. If you can help financially to help Corey pay off the remaining Vet bills and Aspen’s funeral please go to the GoFundMe page at …..


I do not wish to make this blog a long, long story that many will not read completely so please check out the completely detailed story via the following links …

Service dog in emergency veterinarian care following stay at PetSmart hotel in Etobicoke


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Let us make sure that Aspen’s death was not in vain. Let us prevent this from ever happening again.

In My Secret Life

We all have many ‘lives‘ per se.

We all have that one secret life. With most it is a harmless secret.

I have put most my lives out there. In blogs and in my novels.

Yet, I have that one life I rarely reveal …….

My ‘secret‘ life.

The one where I cry dry tears, moaning silent cries of regrets and anguish.

To quote Leonard Cohen,

“I bite my lip
I buy what I’m told:
From the latest hit
To the wisdom of old
But I’m always alone
And my heart is like ice
And it’s crowded and cold
In my secret life”

The one that haunts my sleep and steals my rest. Leaving me ashamed and broken.

The one I have no words to describe. The one that stole my happiness in life.

I had a concept of happiness in my life, not to say I had never experienced such. But, I stole that from myself by my refusal to follow my dreams at a younger age. A theft of my future. Robbing myself of what my life could have been if I had dropped the masks of being an old school rebel tainted by my hatred of living.

Perhaps it was my Heroin fogged adolescent years. Or perhaps the intoxicated cloud of my twenties. It may have even been my refusal to secure a solid base for my elder years.

It may be the guilt of stealing away my many children’s futures.

It definitely has led to my self flogging. To my lashing my spiritual back thirteen stripes each and every evening before I lay down to suffer the horrors of flashbacks for crimes of my past.

I have done things most only read about in novels or see upon the screens of televisions during prime time movies.

Things best never revealed. Lest cause more pain for my family and friends.

I have danced with the Devils. I have shared meals with Evil. I have choked down the truth as I concocted lies to cover my tracks. Burying the evidence six cold feet below the eyes of society.

I will dance with the Devils again. In an eternal ballet of penance and regrets. Karma and her brother Chaos have shadowed me for six decades. They await me still in Valhalla.

Perhaps my beloved mother, (ironically her name is ‘Mary‘), saw this at my birth. Thus, leaving me to thrive or die at six months of age.

I have ‘Walked‘ my seven plains of time and space continuum’s. My eighth, the final ‘Walk” we all will stride, shall be my version of your ‘Heaven‘ or far more likely your ‘Hell“.

I already know what awaits me after my final death. Perhaps many years from now when I know it is my time I shall write that final chapter in a book or blog.

Part of my penance has been remembering my first seven cracks at the bat of life. We are not suppose to remember the ‘Seven Walks’. That is a pleasure only those with no guilt get to enjoy. Reserved for those who followed society’s basic rules. Your Ten Commandments, for lack of a better term. I broke nine of the Biblical ten – I have never committed adultery while still with my beloved wife. Having not divorced and having been separated for years, as she went her way and I mine, I have technically committed adultery as defined by their Bible.

In reality, I have never strayed while loving and living with my wife, Jennifer.

“Why eat a cookie when you have a beautiful cake at home?”

All my life I often joked that I was awaiting the return of the ‘Mothership‘. This I now know was my inner child waiting for my mother to return to that cold, damp crib in that empty house and show me a mothers love. I never have had the opportunity to be rewarded with that emotion.

My secret life is/was the pain that moment implanted into my soul. The Mothership will never come. For that ship blasted off to a different world then I shall ever know.

The scars of her choice left me with a defiance and darkness that can not be explained. The only physical evidence being my life of refusing to bend to the ways of man. My strong willed desire to shout blatantly,

“And I will not be commanded
And I will not be controlled
And I will not let my future go on
Without the help of my soul.”
(The Lost Boy – Greg Holden)

But, does one born into evil and abandonment have a soul?

Unfortunately for me, I am not in the position to answer that. For what I experienced while dead seven times I am not able to explain in words. I have detailed most of the experiences as best I could in my books and past blogs.

Some things are best left untold so as not to destroy your concept of life and death.

I have tried to make amends. Hence my inviting you to come “Walk With Dann.” A futile attempt to reach out to hopefully steer one soul away from the path I chose.

My Walks with you can only take you as far as your reality. For my reality is only shared with others who have strode a similar path as I have. I am not the only one to have been cursed with remembering the Seven Walks. Knowing that number eight holds no choice. That there will be only one path the final ride. Not the seven choices we are all given with the first seven. Dante’ knew of these when he scribe his “Inferno”.

The saddest part of all this is that I have many years yet to pay my penance. There lay before me decades carrying the weight of wrongs upon my broken back. I suspect I shall bear this cross till I reach the age of 112. For I have been told by the Creators that I shall live till then. Mind you they lay no guarantee that it will be a pleasant journey. In fact, it will be a painful existence wrought with discomfort and pain.

Physics teaches that for every action there lays an equal yet opposite reaction. Faith teaches the same. Good versus evil – push versus pull. Light versus dark. Truths versus lies.

Each night for nigh on sixty years I have been plagued with sleep not arriving until all my wrongs play out like a collection of short vignettes and seal my eyes into sleep with dry tears and silent screams.

This is my “Secret Life