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The Original Hippie or Perhaps, “Has Anyone Seen My Prophet? “

This blog I originally published 10 years ago.

My views and beliefs are still somewhat the same.

Since what I have been through in the last three months my Faith has grown much stronger.

What I am trying to convey here is that how do we identify a “prophet”?

A false prophet is easily discovered, but how in today’s society would we be able to recognize a true prophet. For all we know we may have the real one locked up in an institution with the numerous false ones.

Or he/her cold be hiding their identity until society learns to stop killing each other in the name of “religion”.

I truly believe that Jesus existed and was somehow able to communicate with the Creator. I believe he was very intelligent and far ahead of his time .

You have to keep in mind that in his time ninety percent of man were uneducated, illiterate and still worshipping false idols.

Could a charismatic, educated man be capable of influencing followers? Hell, yes most certainly.

Jesus could have been an alien or the last brilliant mind to come from Atlantis for all we really know.

Why we’re the first 14 books of the Bible removed by “religious” leaders of the day?

There is a great difference between being a religious follower and a true believer of faith.

All the “Holy Books” of that time had to be written in simple language form so as the average citizen could understand the messages.

Our genetic need to be the best and only one who knows what is truth has misconstrued what Jesus was sent to teach us.

But, we murdered him because, firstly, he was right and secondly, he was far too charismatic and thereby a threat to all religions .

So, here we had this poor soul traveling the world trying to enlighten society on the ten Commandments and teach us how to live peaceful and meaningful lives.

We returned the favor by killing him in the name of religion .

There have been many more “true prophets” since Jesus. But, modern day “religion” has been able to make us disbelievers of truth so as Faith does not interfere with the big money game we have labeled “Religion”.

Because we have not evolved much since Jesus’s time .

Which leaves us wondering, as I state below, “Who is the Jesus of this time period?

Originally published in July 2009 in my http://dannverner.blogspot.ca site ……….

The Original Hippie

I was recently asked if I believed in Jesus Christ.

What anxiety this raised within me – it was though I had been waiting for some soul to ask me this deep question.

Here is my mindset on this controversial topic.

I definitely believe in Jesus.

I believe he walked upon this big blue marble.

I believe he spread the words of the Creators.

I believe he was a man who was ahead of his time in the area’s of logic, societal disposition and culture.

Jesus was a man.

I do NOT believe he was the SON OF GOD. (Where is Mrs. God?)

Whoa, now I have stepped into it……..so, here I go…………..

Jesus was a Prophet.

Jesus was a peaceful, gentle scholar who wished only to make an immature society overstand the reality of spiritualism and human reality.

Jesus was the original Hippie.

Jesus was born at the wrong time.

Jesus was persecuted for his overstanding of what this plain of existence was, is and shall be.

In the rock opera, “Jesus Christ Superstar”, the title song asks the question, “Why did you choose such a backward time in such a backward land?”. Did he choose? Or was that what the Creators decided was necessary for the plain of space/time continuum in this particular multiverse?

Jesus was a soul man.

Through all time, through all plains of reality and through all seven multi-universes there has been Prophets. Be it Jesus, Siddhartha, Gandhi, Aristotle or John Lennon, makes no nevermind – they are just the vessel. The message is always the same. To quote Led Zeppelin, “The Song Remains The Same”.

Jesus was the father of the peace, love, forgiveness and unity movements.






Many ask me why l write.

I write my books for me.

I tell my stories for my readers.

I am not sure if my works are badly written good stories or well written bad stories.

Not too sure I care either way. I do care that, in my “Walk With Dann Collection”, I am telling my life as brutally truthful as possible. In shame and in honour.

I do care that my ‘stand alone’ books, such as “The Last Canadian Cosmonaut” touch your heart.

I pray that my other collection, “Walking On Dawes”, shows that the gang life, although often ‘exciting’, leads only to karma biting your buttocks.”

My Walk With Dann Collection

Volumes 1, 2 & 3

Damaged” is my first book.

Like me, it is raw and full of mistakes.

I have left it “unedited” as life has left me.


Walk With Dann Collection

Volume 1

A Walk from my birth till I meet my second wife.”

It is rough, crude in fact, numerous format conversion errors.

I left It raw on purpose as a testament to the honesty of my words and work.

It contains humour, murder, explosions and motorcycles.

It may or may not be fictional or may even be non-fictional.”


Walk With Dann Collection

Volume 2

Walks you through my middle years and three decades of marriage.

It does not contain the excitement of it’s predecessor.

It begins to show you who I was and who I was becoming.”




Walk With Dann Collection

Volume 3

Walks you deep into my personal life of trials and tribulations and my uniquely twisted none the norm perception of my realty.”

So, come, Walk With Dann.


(My first ‘standalone book‘, my personal favorite.)

The smell of the ocean danced on my nostrils as I walked, slipping and sliding, across the flats. My eyes darting to and fro, carefully scanning ahead for sink holes.

I should have been walking the other direction. Towards the junior high school. Towards hippie teachers trying to teach me of science, faith and nature.

I could hear the train in the distance. Pulling it’s tonnage of sugar cane around the bend to the refinery.

The tug boats crested the horizon. Their wake spewing behind them as they pushed against the mighty tanker so as to slow it’s unforgiving momentum. Lest it run ashore.

The shore. My foster home was there. High up the hill. It’s windows like two large eyes, taunting me with guilt.“Go to school“, they seemed to say.

I can’t”, my reply.

Walking On Dawes Collection



Walking On Dawes Collection”

Volume 1”

Big Roy - Dedication

This is a tale of a family who live their lives within the gang life. Except Little Ray. He and his family want him to break the cycle and live a normal life.”

There is tragedy, laughter and most of all ‘insight’ within.

So come with us as we

Walk On Dawes.”



You Can’t See Me”

Walking On Dawes Collection

Volume 2

This is a portrait of a broken man living a broken life in a broken world where family and friendship are one and the same.

Where wrong choices can lead to lifelong regrets. Haunting the very soul and stabbing the heart daily to remind you of the penalties of actions.

Where a man can be all alone and un-noticed in a crowded room.

Where sadness shadows joy and joy masks sadness.

This is the life of one man on one street in one city.

A man who let his darkness blind his Light.




They say I am tough, but yet, I feel so rough.

This mask I wear has gotten me where?


Like Kid rock says,

“I’ve ate out of dumpsters and dined with Kings.”

Like the clock shows,

I have experienced many things.

Yet, in sorrow I have walked my many roads.

For the life I have lived was mostly alone.

I am, therefore I think

I have experienced pain and I have witnessed their sorrow.

I hope that they can forgive me on the ‘morrow.

For always in my heart I hold this sorrow.

Perhaps I should have been born in a swamp.

For an outlaw life seems what I want.

I have buried my Mother and 98 friends.

I wake each morning wondering,



Upper and middle class well to do people have no concept whatsoever as to what the average person goes through just to survive.

I live in Toronto, we have more people than any other city in Canada, show me where these people are speaking up about Canadian politics – they will gather in flocks to protest American politics, but not for our problems.

Facebook protests are as useless as tits on a bull. Where are these people speaking out? Instagram? Twitter? Tim Horton’s?

Most are still trying to figure out why we have a Prime Minister and a President because no one has taught them that Canada and the U.S. are two separate countries.

For the love of the Creators, they voted in a man because he has nice hair and legalized pot.

The world is boxed, society lives in a “Don’t hurt my feelings” world – it will eventually end bad.

Trudeau is destroying Canadian values, our Court systems are ancient and now we think there are more than two sexes.

Here is a picture of the Supreme Court of Canada Judges with their families …

photo of monkeys
Photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush on Pexels.com

I won’t even start about how insane our education system is.

I shake my head all the time.

The average person on the street are not even aware that Canada and the U.S. are two separate countries.

We have our downtown core filled with elderly, homeless and mentally damaged people living on the boiling hot concrete – stroll through the valleys, off the glamorized bike paths and see how many tents there are.


Banning guns is a token band-aid media treat to show the public that politicians are maybe listening.

Never met a gang-banger in my life that applied for a carry licence.

Third Strike Law, no plea bargaining, one sentence for murder, no bail for any weapons and stop making Canadian prisons like Boy Scout camps.

I did time in old school Dorchester in the 70’s – never went back. It was a prison, not a Holiday Inn.

We live in such a delusional time where we worry more about hurting feelings or making prisoners “comfortable”, where the media spends more time discussing the heart ache of a murderers family than the distraught felt by the 15 victim families.

You cannot tell me about the criminal element and what will work – I’ve spent 60 years dealing with such. I have seen and done things that no human should have did or even witnessed.

Upper and middle class well to do people have no concept whatsoever as to what the average person goes through just to survive. Most of us survive on $18,000 a year of which $11,000 or more goes for rent. You Liberal supporters spend that on beer.

Read my books.


Canada needs to wake the frack up and people need to get off their fat asses on Election Day and vote. But, they are too busy bitching on Social Media.

Image may contain: one or more people, meme and text

There Is A Difference Between Decriminalizing And Legalization Of Drug Possession

There is a difference between decriminalizing and legalization of ‘simple’ drug possession.

Yet, many drug addicts will misinterpret decriminalization as legalization.  Because, face it, many street level drug addicts are numb to reality and often have perception problems in the area’s of law and societal tolerances.

Get as mad as you wish – I have a half century of being a drug user. I have been a heroin addict, a speed freak, a pothead and I have ventured through Electric Lady Land via LSD. I have been a user, a small time dealer and at times a major player in the import/export side of the criminal avenues of hardcore drug trafficking.

In July, 2001 Portugal “decriminalized” personal use drug possession. These changes did not legalize drug use. What the Law did was basically change the penalty so that a simple drug possession charge will not leave you with a criminal record that could come back to haunt you later in life.


They treat possession and use of small quantities of these drugs as a public health issue, not a criminal one. Authorities don’t arrest anyone found holding what’s considered less than a 10-day supply of an illicit drug — a gram of heroin, ecstasy, or amphetamine, two grams of cocaine, or 25 grams of cannabis. Offenders receive a citation and are ordered to appear before so- called “dissuasion panels” made up of legal, social, and psychological experts. Key word being “dissuasion”. They use all available avenues to dissuade drug use.

They are not simply left to walk away free with their drugs. Often the citation results in aversion therapy. Ranging from motivational counseling to opiate substitution therapy. Repeat offenders are not permitted to continuously destroy their lives. They are offered help via medical and psychological drug counselling professionals. This is followed up and enforced.

The combination of the law, social and health services is what has made their model a success.

Now, here in Canada we have begun to seriously look at this model. But, is Canada ready for the implementation of such?

I do not believe so. Not yet. There has to be a nationwide agreed upon policy in place before it is implemented.

Look at how the decriminalization of marijuana is already becoming problematic and it has not been legalized yet.

The legalization of marijuana is being RUSHED into effect on October 17, 2018 to boaster the failing Trudeau government statistics and hopefully obtain re-election by once again obtaining the youth, idiots and criminal vote. Even though the provincial governments are saying they are not ready yet. Even though the Police associations are saying they are not ready yet. Even though the country will have ten or more different approaches and methods of dealing with such as no two provinces are using the same models.

One is left to wonder why Canadians are so quick to jump on the obvious Trudeau “Oh look, I am such a modern political leader” train with little knowledge or outlook to what will happen further down the road.

But, in Trudeau’s defense – my fellow countrymen did vote him  because he had nice hair, promised legalization and jumped on the LGBT bandwagon while claiming to be a feminist supporter. (Disregard the 18 year old allegation of sexual assault and/or misconduct that he apologized for, but claims he did nothing wrong because he cannot remember doing it. Yet, he took immediate action towards his own cabinet members accused of less a sexual allegation. Just saying.)

I am dumbfounded by the Canadian authorities not building a nation wide model for Marijuana Decriminalization based on the success of Colorado’s successful legalization. Colorado did not jump into the swimming pool fully clothed and drown from the weight of soaked clothing. They carefully and  meticulously debated and researched until they had a universal plan accepted by the majority of their citizens.

If we Canadian citizens do not soon open up our eyes and mouths then soon all the monkeys will be running our zoo. Tim Horton coffee shop gatherings of bitchy seniors and bar room debates do not inform the powers to be as to what the citizens desire and demand.

Canadians will gather by the hundreds to protest the leader of another country, yet, gather by the mere tens to protest that which is destroying our Canadian ways of life and our values.


So sayeth The LightHouse Dann Verner on this the 16th day of July, 2018.

Meine Bücher Erklärt

Erlaube mir, dich auf eine Reise in die verdrehte, aufgewühlte Leere meines inneren Ichs mitzunehmen.

Aus diesem Grund habe ich vor all diesen Jahren angefangen zu bloggen. Ich werde immer bloggen.

Ich werde immer eine Meinung oder einen Gedanken haben und ich bin stolz auf meine Überzeugungen.

Blogging brachte mich dazu, mein Leben lang den Wunsch zu erfüllen, mein Leben dort draußen zu verbringen. Für meine Existenz war sehr einzigartig. Ich bin ein echter kanadischer Kosmonaut.

Auf diesen Seiten findest du die Essenz, die ich bin – möge ich dich durch die Tunnel meiner Gedanken führen und dich im strahlenden Schein meiner Meinung baden.

Ich biete dir ‘Dann’ so wie ich bin ..


Viele fragen mich, warum ich schreibe.
Ich schreibe meine Bücher für mich.
“Ich erzähle meinen Geschichten für meine Leser.”
Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob meine Werke schlecht geschriebene gute Geschichten oder gut geschriebene schlechte Geschichten sind.

Nicht so sicher, ob es mir egal ist.

Mir ist es wichtig, dass ich in meiner “Walk With Dann Collection” mein Leben so brutal und wahrheitsgetreu wie möglich über eine fiktionale Perspektive erzähle.

In Schande und in Ehre.

Das erste Buch der “Walk With Dann Collection” war das allererste Buch, das ich geschrieben habe. Ich habe absichtlich alle Rechtschreib- und Grammatikfehler vergessen. Wie auch bei den Formatierungs- und Bearbeitungsfehlern.

Ich tat dies, damit der Leser sah, dass das Leben voller Fehler ist und mein Leben begann “BESCHÄDIGT”.

Wie die folgenden Bände zeigen, habe ich gelernt, wie ich schrieb, und ich schrieb, wie ich gelernt habe. Jetzt, da ich an verschiedenen Projekten arbeite, kann ich sagen, dass ich ein “Autor” bin. Und ich tue das mit Stolz.

Es ist mir wichtig, dass meine Bücher “Stand Alone” wie “The Last Canadian Cosmonaut” dein Herz berühren. Es ist auch eine fiktive Erzählung einer vergangenen Lebenserfahrung. Eine Erfahrung, die nicht dupliziert werden kann.

Ich bete dafür, dass meine andere Sammlung, “Walking On Dawes Collection”, zeigt, dass Gangleben, obwohl oft ‘aufregend’, nur dazu führt, dass Karma in dein Gesäß beißt.

Ich beginne damit, die Geschichten zu lesen, von denen Sie glauben, dass ich den Lebensstil der Bande verherrliche, und versichere Ihnen, dass Sie am Ende jedes Bandes die Logik meiner Botschaft verstehen werden.


Eine Zusammenfassung meiner “Walk With Dann Collection”:

Mein Spaziergang mit Dann-Sammlung, Bände 1, 2 & 3

“Damaged” ist mein erstes Buch.

Wie ich, ist es roh und voller Fehler.

Ich habe es “unbearbeitet” gelassen, wie das Leben mich verlassen hat.

Lichthaus Dann Verner


Band 1, “BESCHÄDIGT” nimmt dich von meiner Geburt an bis zu meiner zweiten Frau.

Es ist grob, grob in der Tat, zahlreiche Formatkonvertierungsfehler.

Ich habe es absichtlich roh gelassen, als Beweis für die Ehrlichkeit meiner Worte und meiner Arbeit.

Es enthält Humor, Mord, Explosionen und Motorräder.

Es kann fiktiv oder vielleicht auch nicht fiktiv sein.

Lichthaus Dann Verner



Der zweite Band, ‘BANE’, führt Sie durch meine mittleren Jahre und drei Jahrzehnte der Ehe.

Es enthält nicht die Aufregung seines Vorgängers.

Es enthält viel mehr.

Es ist eine fiktive / non-fiktionale Geschichte davon, wie viele verschiedene “Spaziergänge” wir in unseren Leben nehmen.

Es erzählt von Liebe, Hass, Gesundheit, Krankheit, Reichen, Poorman, Eiscreme und Lebensschreien

Es beginnt dir zu zeigen, wer ich war und wer ich wurde.

“Kein vorsätzliches Fehlverhalten entgeht jemals Miss Karma oder ihrem Bruder Chaos.”

Lichthaus Dann Verner



Mein dritter Band, “BOON”, führt dich tief in mein fiktionales / non-fiktionales Privatleben mit Prüfungen und Drangsalen. Meine einzigartig verdrehte nicht die Norm Wahrnehmung meiner verschiedenen Realitäten.
Es ist eine Darstellung des gelebten Lebens. Ein No-Hold-Sperrkonto des Alltags in einem alltäglichen, einkommensschwachen kanadischen Hause. Du wirst lachen, du kannst an Punkten weinen, du wirst einen wahren “WALK WITH DANN” machen.
“Ich werde wie ein Fisch im Meer durch deine Adern rennen.”
(Zitat aus Onkel Krackers Lied ‘Follow Me’)

Lichthaus Dann Verner


Ich schreibe gerade den letzten Band der vierbändigen Walk With Dann Collection.
“UNKZ, ein kanadischer Kosmonaut”
Kommender August 2018



Mein erstes “Standalone-Buch”.
Mein persönlicher Favorit.
Ich habe den emotionalen “Walk” sehr genossen, während ich ihn geschrieben habe und diesen Teil meines Lebens und dieser Zeit der Geschichte gelindert habe.
Die ruhigsten Jahre meines chaotischen Lebens.
Unten ist ein Leckerbissen der Lautstärke, um Appetit zu machen
Lichthaus Dann Verner

“Eine fiktive Reise eines Hippies auf einer Harley, die die Zeiten erforscht.”



Der Geruch des Ozeans tanzte auf meinen Nasenlöchern, während ich ging, glitt und rutschte, über die Ebenen. Meine Augen huschten hin und her und tasteten vorsichtig nach Senken.

Ich hätte die andere Richtung gehen sollen. Auf die Junior High School. Auf dem Weg zu Hippie-Lehrern, die versuchen, mich von Wissenschaft, Glauben und Natur zu unterrichten.

Ich konnte den Zug in der Ferne hören. Ziehen Sie seine Tonnage Zuckerrohr um die Kurve zur Raffinerie.

Die Schlepper erklommen den Horizont. Ihre Wache spuckte hinter ihnen her, als sie gegen den mächtigen Tanker stießen, um das unnachgiebige Momentum zu verlangsamen. Damit es nicht an Land läuft.

Die Küste. Mein Pflegeheim war dort. Hoch auf dem Hügel. Es sind Fenster wie zwei große Augen, die mich mit Schuld verspotten. “Geh zur Schule”, schienen sie zu sagen.

“Ich kann nicht”, meine Antwort.


Eine kurze Zusammenfassung meiner “Walking On Dawes Collection”



Der erste Band des
“Walking auf Dawes Sammlung”
“Ich möchte ‘FLOKI’ sein”


Dies ist eine Geschichte von einer Familie, die ihr Leben im Rahmen von Regierungsprojekten und Gangleben lebt.
Außer ‘Little Ray’. Er und seine Familie wollen, dass er den Kreislauf bricht und ein normales Leben führt.
Es gibt Tragödie, Gelächter und vor allem “Einsicht” darin. Eine fiktive Geschichte, die auch nicht fiktiv ist.
Eine Familie, die in den Projekten von Toronto aufgewachsen ist. Das war ihre Realität und es war nichts falsch daran, denn jeder lebt in einer Nachbarschaft. Nur der Name und die Adressen sind unterschiedlich.
Der erste “WALK” einer entgangenen, miteinander verbundenen Sammlung fiktiver “Walks On Dawes”.
Die rohen und nackten Wahrheiten von einem erfahrenen Auge und einer Seele eines kanadischen Kosmonauten.
Eine Geschichte von den ursprünglichen “URBAN VIKINGS”.

Lichthaus Dann Verner

“Walking On Dawes – Band 2”
“Du kannst mich nicht sehen”



“Du kannst mich nicht sehen” – Walking On Dawes Collection – Band 2


“Dies ist ein Porträt eines gebrochenen Mannes, der ein gebrochenes Leben in einer zerbrochenen Welt führt, in der Familie und Freundschaft ein und dasselbe sind.”

Ein Mann, der einmal “BESCHÄDIGT” war, aber jetzt nur gebrochen war.

Wo falsche Entscheidungen zu lebenslangen Rügen führen können. Die Seele baumeln lassen und täglich aufs Herz treffen, um dich an die Strafen von Handlungen zu erinnern.

Wo ein Mann in einem überfüllten Raum ganz allein und unbemerkt sein kann.

Wo Traurigkeit Schatten Freude und Freude verbirgt die Traurigkeit.

Wo Glück und gute Zeiten sich mit Traurigkeit und Tragik ausgleichen.

Dies ist das Leben eines Mannes und seiner Familie, auf einer Straße in einer Stadt.

Ein Mann, der seine Dunkelheit sein Licht blenden ließ.


Eine Geschichte, die Sie am Ende überraschen wird.

Lichthaus Dann Verner


“Walking On Dawes Sammlung” – Band 3
Kommender Juli 2018




Get The First Volume of my Walk With Dann Collection Free in ebook Format

OK Kiddies,

From April 24th until April 28th you can get a copy of my first book “DAMAGED” from my “Walk With Dann Collection” in eBook format via my author page on Amazon Kindle.




“DAMAGED” begins at my birth and takes you on the journey through the first quarter of my life.
Here’s a tidbit of what you will find …………

“The first decade of my life I had lived in thirty-two homes. None of which I ever spoke the words, “Mom or Dad”. Only “Mister or Misses”.

I started my ‘Walks’ at the age of ten fighting the monsters in my head. The demons were winning for many years.

I left my siblings Father’s house at the age of twelve to join a hippie commune and learned how to be a Heroin addict.

I have never slept in my father or mothers house since that day.

That was over fifty years ago.

Foster care, jails, pain, sorrow and addiction were my childhood friends. My playgrounds were the streets.My rocking horse a Harley Davidson motorcycle.”

I hope you enjoy and follow up with “BANE” and “BOON” – the next two in the collection.

I am currently writing “UNKZ – A CANADIAN COSMONAUT” which shall be the final book in the series.


Check out my stand alone book about a hippie on a Harley,



I am currently writing volume 3 of my











A Preview of the Final Volume of my “Walk With Dann Collection”

“This is the final volume of my “Walk With Dann Collection”.

It will wrap up with the fourth segment of my life. It shall show how the paths and choices I made in my life brought me the penance and punishments that came attached. It will reveal how I “walked” many roads and how they molded me into the person I have become.”


Walk With Dann Collection

Volume 4

Final Volume
1st Edition


LightHouse Dann Verner


There are deeply complicated thoughts that haunt you, when you well know you are insane.

Insane by their standard.

I believe I am just Dann, just as I am.

I am not like others.

I am not them.

I am me.

Yet, there are multiple “me’s”.

And they are all I can or should be.

As the previous confessions of my life told within my first work, “Damaged, tells, I am, ‘broken

Began at birth.

Blue baby.

Unplanned child.

Unwanted but wanted.

And left to die before I had lived.

Only my deepest consciousness knows what I have experienced.

To keep my spirit alive my mind vaulted those days far in the depths of the encrypted memories.

Never to be re-lived.

Never to scar my soul once more.

Now, I am soon to be sixty-one years old and it is time for me to end this “Walk With Dann Collection” with this, my final volume.

To give closure to the three previous quarters of my numerous lives.

I am not soon to ascend.

But, my Walk With Dann Collection must contain a sincere final volume of my most innermost beliefs and thoughts.

For I cannot author them after I reach my own personal concept of Valhalla.

A final confession of both my rights and my wrongs.

I will utter exact truths, I will hold no quarter from exposing who I have become in the final quarter of a Canadian Cosmonaut’s life.

My life has been no different than yours.

My strife, my loves, my sorrows, my learning and my battlefield are far different than yours.

I present to you ………….

Unkz, A Canadian Cosmonaut”

Walk With Dann Collection,

Volume 4,

Final Edition


LightHouse Dann Verner

Sneak Peek of “6315” Volume 3 of my “Walking On Dawes Collection”

I am about one third of the way into the rough draft.



First thing I recalled was the unbearable pain in my jaw. I couldn’t move it. The more I attempted to open my mouth the greater the sharp stabbing pain.

My tongue felt like a pile of pulled pork. Even the mere breathe of air passing over it caused burning pain. I then realized that it was shredded by what shards of my teeth remained.

Where were my beautiful teeth?”

And I wanted to know where the heck I was.

I realized that my eyes were swollen shut. Which compounded the chaotic mess within my mind.

My eyesight was surreal. Like I was wearing an Indy drivers burn mask. All I could see was the glow of the dual fluorescent light tubes directly above me. All else was obliqued by the shadows of my swollen eyelids.

I was hurt.

The realization that I had either been in a helluva accident or I had lost the greatest street fight of my life set in.

I searched deep into my memory only to have my gut tell me to be patient.

Now was not the time”

I was calm on the outside, but inside my head I was panicking as I searched for memory of what had happened.

I was beyond confused. My brain was fighting to keep itself awake, yet, my body was begging to sleep.

I could not hear any ambient sounds. Just far off indecipherable mumbles.

At least I wasn’t deaf I pondered”

But, goddamn, I was hurt.

And I had no idea why.

I had not a clue where my broken body was laying.

Taking an inventory of my various pains I deciphered numerous cracked ribs, definite broken jaw, left arm in a cast and right leg in one also.

Yep, I got a beating.

Wonder why?”

I asked myself.

“6315” is a walk in the shoes of society’s underbelly and how no remorse later in life can undo the damage being a gangster causes. How Karma always comes along and bites your soul delivering just deserved penance.”


So, once again I have irked a FaceBook troll by sharing this meme …



Now, I may be totally wrong, but to me this ‘meme’ simply states that humans are born with either of the two known sexual organs and/or urinary appendages.

Soooooooo, a very reclusive once friend of mine comments this ….


“Phoebe Alicia Gonsalves
Phoebe Alicia Gonsalves What a sad and ordinary life you live… ignorance unbounded. But it’s ok, I still love you and yo ain’t shit right now self 😙”


Here’s the screen shot…..




Which led to me answering this ….





Here I wrote it out to make it easier to read……


“I’ve been on this planet almost 61 years. Never met anyone who didn’t have either a penis or a vagina. Sexual preferences have nothing to do with what sex organ you were born with. In almost all species there is male and female. If I wore a dress I would still have to shake my fracking dick after I pissed. Real life isn’t a fracking FaceBook ideology. I don’t care if “I ain’t shit right now ” – NO MATTER WHAT AT THE END OF THE DAY YOU ARE EITHER MALE OR FEMALE, UNLESS AGENT ORANGE MADE YOU BORN WITH BOTH. IT’S A CHOICE TO PREFER THE SAME SEX. Can a man and a woman have a homosexual relationship? No! It takes either two men or two women. So therefore, there has to be two sexes. Not seven or eight. I’ve been called a “shit” often
I just shake my penis and say “Oh well”. Then I wipe my MALE ass with Cottonelle and go about my day.”


Well, I stepped into that cesspool of Facebook illogical ideology and she answered ….


“This entire rant^ point proved. Sexual preference and gender identity are separate, but there’s no arguing with over 60 and bored. A facebook ideology? You spam your wall with more trash than a tumblr feminist lol it’s all good though, I’m sure you got all your ducks in a row by now with all that real world wisdom you have ”




Soooooo, I put my other foot into the dung heap and fell further into her trap ….


“At least I don’t spam my OWN wall with bigoted “white privilege” rants or dark macabre shit. I can’t spam my OWN wall. The point the person who made the meme was making is that from a scientific or even medical point of view we are born one of TWO physical sexes. NOT EVERYTHING IS BASED ON BEING A PRIDE SUPPORTER. NOT EVERYTHING IS BASED ON GENDER OR SEXUAL PREFERENCES. SO, judge me all you fucking want,because if you are so “modern thinking” then you would realize that a penis is on a male, a vagina is on a female. My post -which was shared from another’s wall simply states that boys have penis, girls have vaginas. All the insults in the world won’t change that. Did I insult you? So, sit naked in your bedroom full of weird sex devices pretending to be living a heterosexual life and if in the next few years you ever go outside – look around. There’s only two sexes of mankind – but mankind has many versions of “sexual preference”.

Oh, and insult me all you like. My life is normal and I can even leave my house without being a stuck up judgmental anti-white recluse”





Then I added …


“Here’s a little blog of mine – sort of off topic but the gist of my message is the same”




Now, I realize I am not a medical doctor nor a biologist, but I have had a penis all my life.

We are actually quite attached to one another.

We get along very well.

I do have times where I speak before thinking. It is one of the fallacies of being a human. Once I realize I am wrong I will readily try to rectify my wrongs.

This is an atypical example of people partially reading something and forming an unjust opinion. It also shows the evils of social media.

I could care less what or who anyone prefers to have sexual relations with.

With exception of pedophiles and bestiality. That  would definitely make me hurt you.

Seriously hurt you.

Facts are facts – you have a Johnson – you are a man.

You have a Gina – you are a woman.

Be awful hard for two gay men to maintain a relationship if one has a vagina.

Be equally as hard for two lesbians if one had a penis.

I haven’t a clue about all these other  imaginary sexes.

I didn’t know they existed until we got a weirdo for a Prime Minister.

But, I am positive even your average LGBTQRSTUVWXY person understands that the Creators gave us only two sexes. 

I am also positive that a gay man has no use for a vagina, nor would a lesbian care to have a partner with a penis.





Same as cell phone games. They have become cellular “crack“. I know many people who spend their whole lives “playing their game“. Spending their food and living money on gems and upgrades. Only to cry later at how poor they are.

The game creators attach hypnotic music and have made it so as soon as you “upgrade“, spending ridiculous amounts of money, you will immediately need yet another “upgrade”.

And the idiots fall for it.

Because of watching these friends I have deleted my games, never to play them again.

Well, folks, hopefully I haven’t peeved you all off.

I have to go check my crotch to see if perhaps I am wrong about what sex I am.

But, I shall be back soon to annoy or entertain you once again.

Until then, I remain, Dann – just as I am. Penis intact.



(P.S. – I will soon be deactivating my FaceBook accounts as I believe FaceBook has reached it’s peak and is now as useless as a winged bull. It is just a haven for teenage harlots,drug addicts, drug dealers and shut in bingo Mom’s.)