A Preview of the Final Volume of my “Walk With Dann Collection”

"This is the final volume of my "Walk With Dann Collection". It will wrap up with the fourth segment of my life. It shall show how the paths and choices I made in my life brought me the penance and punishments that came attached. It will reveal how I "walked" many roads and how they... Continue Reading →


Sneak Peek of “6315” Volume 3 of my “Walking On Dawes Collection”

I am about one third of the way into the rough draft.   CHAPTER ONE First thing I recalled was the unbearable pain in my jaw. I couldn't move it. The more I attempted to open my mouth the greater the sharp stabbing pain. My tongue felt like a pile of pulled pork. Even the... Continue Reading →


I wrote a few times regarding my first twelve years.  My most recent being "I CRY AT NIGHT". https://lighthousedannverner.wordpress.com7/05/18/i-cry-at-night/ Although much of my earliest memories are blurred under the blanket that protects us from the emotional scars left behind by physical or psychological trauma,  I have managed to convey my experiences as best as recollection... Continue Reading →

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